Today was another new thing, trying a hanger swirl.  Don’t know how it came out since it will be a few days before the soap is cut-able. The colours were TD & Shimmering Pearl Mica, Peacock Blue Mica & Magic Blue Mica from Conservatorie, fo was Drifting Away from Nature’s Garden and Candles.  I’m hoping the swirl turns out at least halfway decent.  The hangers was a smidge too wide so it was a bit of a squeeze getting it inside the mold in the poured soap,  The soap was very cooperative, staying liquid all the time I was trying to hunt down the hanger, then trying to get it into the mold and moving through the soap, so no ricing, seizing,  acceleration,  nothing that even closely resembled a gremlin.  The only gremlin at all was the width of the hanger.  The tape used at the corners covered with plastic wrap made it too tight along the ends to move through the soap smoothly and evenly  so this swirl is probably going to be a bit irregular.  No matter.  It’s still swirled and the colours turned out very nice, too.  No morphing!  Always a plus!

Right now, it’s still a bit too liquidy to texture the tops, plus I plan to add in some embeds at the tops, little white clam shells that have a bit of the Drifting Away fo added, so I’m patiently waiting (well, as patiently as I can manage) for the soap to firm up enough to texturize the tops.  To glitter or not to glitter, that is the next question.  I’ll do the embeds then decide.  Don’t want to ruin a good thing if the tops look pretty enough in their own right.  I think it’s now firm enough to play with, so let’s see what we can do with this pretty blue beauty!

The fragrance oil contains notes of white lily, white lilac, greenery and woodsy floral according to the website’s info.  It’s a floral, quite clearly, and a white scent.  It would make a very nice soap or bath & body product to use in wedding favours.  High end fragrance, for sure.  A favorite with me!  Love it!

Ready January 12, 2013
Ready January 12, 2013



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