Castaway now cut!

cut pics


Finally, the soap was firm enough, though just barely, to be cut.  It still looks rough from the initial cutting, but it will be tidied up in about a week when it’s had a little more time to cure and dry.  It smells, to me anyway, more like lily of the valley, and there is that note in it, but there’s also white lilac and  greenery.  It’ a clean, green, white and wet scent.  It can just imagine how refreshing & light this one will be while showering with it in the summertime after a hot, sweaty day weeding outside in 90° + North Carolina summertime heat.  I might need to set one aside for that!

It has the usual three skin loving oils, colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk & 2 other milk powders, Vitamin A & E, silk amino acids, and the fragrance oil from Nature’s Garden called Drifting Away.  I love the soft clean scent of this soap!  Can’t wait to try it out!    This one also had my first try at a hanger swirl.  I had the hanger a bit too wide so it wasn’t that easy to move it back and forth through the soap in the mold, but it still did the swirls that are typical of hanger swirls.  Very nice!  Love the Peacock Blue Mica from Conservatorie in anything!  This is the second time I’ve used it because I love that colour!   It’s like a Caribbean sea!

Little sugar pearls sprinkled over the top around the clam shells embeds of yogurt M&P from NG and lightly scented with Drifting away again and a touch of Mica Pearl White from Conservatorie to give a soft pearly glimmer finished off the tops.

My next project will have a new addition to it after today’s shipment arrived safe and sound.  Tussah silk is here!  Yay!  I can  hardly wait to try it out in something.  It needs to be something lush though.  Maybe a Rose?  or…..Bamboo Hemp?  or …..    Indian Summer? or….. Dragon’s Blood?  ……..


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