Is Cottonseed Oil Okay? – Dr. Weil

Is Cottonseed Oil Okay? – Dr. Weil.


This is applicable to foods, but how applicable is it where soaps are concerned?  I’d love to hear an answer to this.  My husband works with a non-profit that focuses on cotton as an industry, so there’s a conflict here with what I’ve know about the oil as it pertains to foods versus what it offers to soaps. I also am very reluctant to use it in soaps and definitely don’t want it in my foods.

What I’ve noted in the past is that the oil goes ‘off’ quickly.  It goes rancid in the soaps quickly, too.  There’s also little that it brings to the table for use in soaps other than hardness.  There’s no, NO, additional moisturizing.  It tends to dry the skin in fact.  Cleansing is questionable, though with the high rate of drying, it should be very cleansing, but who can stand to use it if it dries your out so much.

I’ve tried using it to make the hubby happy, but had to discontinue as it went ‘off’ much too quickly and it was so terribly time consuming working up a recipe with other oils to counter the drying effects of the cottonseed oil, that it simply isn’t worth the effort.


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