A big step finally accomplished

Finally I decided it was time to just go for it and join the Handcrafted Soapmaker’s Guild despite the cost.  It includes insurance, which was very important to me.  More than 18 months ago, when I first began looking into this membership, the benefit I was most interested in was the web site they offered to host.  While this is no longer the vital need it once was thanks to Weebly’s easy web site building tools and affordable hosting, the insurance was another plus that still had yet to be handled until now.  With this I feel like I can breathe a bit easier now, knowing that this step covers me and my business.

The Facebook store was my first store to be publicly released, and while it never generated the exposure or revenue that I’d hoped it would, it was still my first store front.  It’s a sentimental attachment.  Now that’s gone.  The store is still there, but it’s no longer with Payvment.  It’s now being managed by Ecwid.  I’ve never heard of them and often mispronounce it.  The layout isn’t nearly as attractive as the Lish store use to be.  *heavy sigh* It isn’t as quick and seamless as Lish was with Payvment.  I don’t know if I’ll even bother with continuing to maintain it.  I’ll keep it at least for a while just to see if it’s worth it to continue, but if not, I’ll simply close the doors on it.  It was nice to have that link for a time, but it isn’t worth the effort put forth to maintain it, keep it current, and have no revenue generated by it as a tangible sign of all the work paying off.




Long absence, sorry!

I’ve been away for a while now but with good reason.  I had trigger release surgery on the right hand, and now just day before yesterday a trigger release surgery on the left hand!  I’m so over surgeries now and the recuperative phase.  The surgery itself wasn’t so bad, it was the preliminary parts and post op that got to me the worst.  No food or drink after midnight.  Normally, I’d be okay with that, but given that I have a serious love affair going with the sodas, it turned on me big time.  I get migraines easily too so, do the math and you can probably guess what happens to me when I go without anything caffeine-laden for more than 10 hours.  Yep, you got it, major headbanger!

So, I’m in there hooked up to the IV, with a major throbbing migraine going full swing, so they give me a narcotic to kick the headache’s proverbial keester to the curb, and it works great, but in about 10 minutes, the narc starts to cause nausea, big time.  So then I get something for the nausea.  I’m doped to the gills, and feeling oh so relaxed as they take me in for surgery, though I don’t even remember going through the doors.  I go deep when I’m out under medical assistance.

I come out and the two day odyssey begins there.  Nope you haven’t even reached it yet.  Once I’m out, I’m feeling slightly head heavy and very wobbly yet encouraged to dress and have the hubby drive me home.  So we manage to do that without major catastrophe, broken bones or bruises.  I curl up at home with a numb head with a slight ache, totally numb thumb (the part that’s sticking out anyway) and index finger, and really severe nausea.  Which only gets worse.  For the next 39 hours. I’m not able to keep anything down. Not even water.  This was not the way to lose weight believe me, though I did drop a few.  Which I can’t spare of whole lot of since I was at around 115 before the surgery.

This goes on through that first night following surgery and the hubby gets concerned and checks on me several times during the day while he is at work (I insisted he go back to work), which I applaud his diligence/concern on the one hand but want to throw the phone across the room with the other (my bad hand since it won’t got as far and incur less damage) and suggested that I call the doctor’s office to tell them of this ongoing problem so we can get it under control.  They call in a scrip for me at our mutual preferred pharmacy and he picks it up on his way home from work.  He comes home with the med and two huge Fuji water bottles, my favorite!  He certainly know the way to my heart!  My sister came by during the late morning to drop off an anti-emetic for me that worked, eventually, when I was able to keep that down.  Go figure the irony in that one.   She also left peppermints, two types of crackers, a box of quick Lipton Chicken Noodle soup (‘nother personal fave) and two flavors of Jello.  Ate the orange flavour last night after the second dose of the Emetron worked. Yum!

The only problem I had last night was worrying about taking the scrip.  One of the side effects noted buy a sticker on the bottle was “May cause headache”. Wonderful.  Just what I wanted to see.  One cause of nausea might be induced by the meds I’m taking for the nausea.  Catch-22, anyone?  But I took it since I was desperate enough to do just about anything to get back to feeling normal, or as normal as I can be by being myself.  No one’s ever accused me of being normal at any phase in my life.   Interesting yes, but only in a colorful sense. And despite my early misgivings, the med which it turns out is a generic form of Zofran, was fine.  It worked!  Yay!  I’m feeling pretty much back to my usual, unusual self again with the exception of a huge wad of bandaging on my left hand.  There were moments of pinging pains in my head, but once I got up for the day after sleeping ten glorious medication-induced hours, I felt rested, repaired, and actually hungry for the first time in 3 days.  Yay!

This was an adventure I’ll never forget and hopefully won’t have to repeat.  The doctors at the orthopedic offices told me that triggers can happen on any hand, on any finger, and is caused buy over-use.  So please, take care of your hands.  If you’re stressing them, straining them or using them to the point of cramping or stiffness, stop!  Rest them.  You don’t want to go there!  It could turn into quite a 3-ring circus without warning.

As for the soaping, that will be coming back very soon.  I’ve been actively plotting and planning since earlier last week, though sidetracked and now delayed a bit until strength can be regained, but I will return.  I have a new stick blender to christen!  And there are also some beautiful new  molds on the way, though some won’t be here until the end of the month.  I’m really looking forward to all the pretty things that will turn out from these molds and the plans I have in store, so don’t give up on me just yet.  I’m still kicking, just sitting down right now while I do it until I’m able to be standing for it again.