The latest purse, the Chatelaine.  Black & White bandannas, double layered satin ribbon of wide white and narrower white with black filigree.  Key accents.



Mojito colored bandannas with yellow & black shoulder straps, black with white polka dot button accents and a huge happy flower button to close it all up snug.  $25
Mojito! Bandana Purse
Blue Bandana Purse with White & Blue Satin Straps
Blue Lagoon Bandana Purse
Firecracker! (1024x768)
Firecracker! Bandana Purse
Purple Pigtails (1024x768)
Purple Passion Bandana Purse
Neon Dream  (1024x768)
Neon Dream Bandana Purse
After Midnight
After Midnight Bandana Purse
Into The Mist Bandana Purse
Cherries Jubilee purse
Cherries Jubilee Across the Body Bandana Purse
Violets are Blue bag (1024x768)
Violets Are Blue Shoulder Bandana Purse
Pretty in Pink Bag (1024x683) (1024x683)
Pretty In Pink Bandana Purse
Camo Babe Purse (1024x768)
Camo Babe Bandana Purse


All of the bandana purses picture on this page are $35 each and are completely handcrafted.  I use one myself and can assure you they’re sturdy little numbers that will set you apart from everyone else out there.  No one will have a purse like yours and you’ll be noticed for it, too.  These are so much fun and love the way they feel – comfy, roomy, easy to handle.  And lots of compliments come along with them too.


Quick note

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Chamomile Tea Silky Milk Soap

It started off smoothly enough with two butters – chamomile butter and green tea butter, using chamomile tea instead of water, then I got to the stage where the fragrance was added and it was time to divide and colour.  Okay.  Stick blended the colours in, and wham!  It gets thick.  Ugh!  It’s going to be one of those batches.  No pretty graceful loopy swirls of colour just horrendous blobs of colour that try to mimic lava lamps.  Ugh again.  Then the yellow I’d planned on using as the main colour for the soap had morphed!  Into Mauve!  More ugghing!  This just got worse   I added a bit of the green to make it a lighter shade of green than the other bit that was green to make it a two shades of green soap, but it was getting thick very quickly,so into the mold it goes without much preamble or blending, so there are probably streaks of colour that weren’t mixed very well.  It was just horrible, but it smelled good and the soap itself is probably quite nice.  Lost of good things in it to make it a very nice bar of soap.  Just not up to the usual for what I want it to look like.  Oh well.  The wet shot is like this – Chamomile Butter Silky Milk Soap[ (768x1024)

The fragrance notes are bamboo, hemp, peach, grapefruit, (which might be what caused the majority of the acceleration), and mandarin plum.  Smells very nice.  Not flowery, just fresh and lightly fruity.  A light sunny scent.  This one will be available for shipment March 16th.  Preorders are accepted via email to:

Ripe Raspberry

A customer has several favorites and this is one of them, so she recently asked when I’d be making more Ripe Raspberry because she’d given all of hers that she’d ordered from me away as Christmas presents.  I told her they’d be coming out very soon, while I was wondering when I’d have time – and the energy – (long story) to be able to make new batches of the raspberry and the peach which she also wanted more of.

After placing myself on a regimen of Vitamin D and iron, trying to get more rest (not succeeding too much on that part) the Just Peachy was redone recently.  This managed to get me back into the rhythm of soaping again, so I set up for making the next soap on my To Do list – Ripe Raspberry – the next day.  Once home from work and wearing comfy clothes, the Ripe Raspberry was soon in the mold to firm up.

Ripe Raspberry cut pics (1024x768)


The colour wasn’t a vibrant as it was in the mixing bowls, don’t know why, but it smells outrageously juicy and raspberry-ish!  Yum!  Makes my mouth water!  So this will be shipping ready around March 15, which makes my customer deliriously happy.  She wanted some of this one AND the Just Peachy along with others that were already in stock, so they’re set aside for her when all are ready.  It really gives me such a thrill of happiness to be able to makes something that someone else really likes enough to come back time and time again for more.  It validates all the trouble, expense, works, and time invested in learning this craft in order to be able to do this with confidence in my products.  I love doing this!

I made this a separate post from the silicone molds soaps so as not to have this soap with its utilitarian look overshadowed by the intricacy of those silicone molds.  This soap here is NOT going to be the ugly stepsister to the silicone Cinderellas.  So, to give Ripe Raspberry the recognition it deserves, it gets a post of its own.

Here’s the rest of the new molds

I ordered several individual silicone molds that had such extraordinary details in them I had to make something in a pure white soap in order to be able to ‘play’ with them a bit with the micas, so here’s the rest of the silicone mold soaps.  All were made with the same soap ‘batter’ as the jonquils, sunflowers, and butterfly – a cp 3 -oil, 3-milk soap with Tussah silk, Vitamin E, colloidal oatmeal, and an FO called Bamboo Lotus from Nature’s Garden.  I’m calleng all of them Summer Garden, but then adding in the name of the mold (i.g. – Summer Garden Hearts & Flowers Silky Milk Soap).

Summer Garden Hearts & Flowers Silky Milk Soap Summer Garden Tiare Flower Silky Milk Soap Summer Garden Fairy Silky Milk Soap Summer Garden Dragonfly Silky Milk Soap Summer Garden Butterfly Silky Milk Soap Summer Garden Vining Silky Milk Soap (1024x768) Summer Garden Round Roses Silky Milk Soap (1024x768)

A few new molds to play with

Several molds mysteriously made their way to my house over the past couple of weeks.  Funny how that happened.   A truck pulls up, a guy in brown walks up to my house and hands me presents.  He’s better than Santa Clause!  Well, anyway, this time he brought me some cutsy-pie silicone molds shaped like flutterbies, sunflowers, roses, and jonquils.  There a few others, but these had several cavities each.  The good kind of cavities!  There are a few others that are single bars, but very ornate.  They’ll be unmolded this afternoon or tomorrow depending on what I find when I check on them today.  In the meantime, I popped out the sunflowers, jonquils, and roses, then thought about what to do to prettify them and decided to brush on the mica, which turned out to be very pretty!  It gives them a sheen and a light touch of colour that’s perfectly spring-like.  It took a while, but they were fun to work on while watching Ghost Hunters!Jonquils (1024x768)Roses (1024x768) Sunflowers (1024x768)


So much fun!  There are some very intricate details in the ones that are still in their molds, so I’m not sure what I can do with them, but I hope I don’t ruin them trying to snazz them up with micas.  The fragrance is a new one from NG called Bamboo Lotus.  A crisp clean, floral, and I didn’t add any colour to the soap.  I wanted a plain white soap so it could be used in these molds and the designs enhanced with colours somehow.  It soaped very nicely.  No acceleration, no ricing, just a clean, crisp,  scent with the right amount of  snap to it to make it a delight for the senses.  It has grapefruit zest, mango, and sandalwood.  Yum!  I’m calling it Summer Garden.  I’ll spray these with some hairspray to keep the mica from rubbing off when they get packaged up for selling.  They’re getting posted into the web site this afternoon when I have a huge chunk of time to work on it.  I’ll also be making another batch of Raspberry this afternoon too.  No rest for the wicked!