Moving on regardless…

There may not be anyone buying the things I make, even though the products are varied,  but I still kept making things in hopes that things will start to pick up soon.  On Tuesday I made a new batch of the Caribbean Sands soap, but made it look a bit different, including a bit taller, then poured the remainder into small guest sized molds.  I left off the embedded seashells on the tops, then just made the tops fancier with peaks and valleys topped with gold mica, swirled all the colours together and didn’t use aloe juice this time but water, though the other goodies such as silk, coconut milk, colloidal oatmeal and Vitamin E are still there.  The omission of the aloe was accidental.  I’d forgotten to use it instead of water, so this one’s just a bit more than simply different looking.  Still lots of other things are there to make it wonderful for soothing, bubbling, calming itchy skin, etc. It will be ready for purchase on either web site ( or after March 6th.   Here’s the remake –

Caribbean Sands bars (1024x768)Caribbean Sands Guest soaps (1024x768)

On Thursday,  a new item was made though I can’t tell you what it is because I haven’t figured out what to name it yet!  It was fragranced with a blend of bamboo, hemp, peach, apple,  berry and melon.  The extras were the usual of the 3-oil and 3-milk double trifecta, colloidal oatmeal, Vitamin E, silk, and three colours – two micas and TD.  I tinted the main part with Peach Sunset from The Conservatorie, tinted a small portion with Chrome Green from Bramble Berry, and another small portion with TD.  Poured it into a 2-lb mold to a tall bar size, and had a bit left over so I made 4 guest-sized soaps.  They’re the little round cuties in the bottom picture.  They turned out very nice so that made me happy to see such a great end result.  So now the hard part – what its name?  The strongest scent note (imo) is the bamboo & hemp.  So maybe something green-y or forest-y sounding.  Like a grove or orchard. I’ll need to think on this one a bit I guess though I was hoping that something would hit me like lightning when it was cut.  No such luck.  Oh well.

I noticed that the Peach Jubilee FO from WSP makes a soap that smells almost like Peaches & Cream, so when the restock of the FO arrives I can remake the Just Peachy! soap again and have that same luscious smelling soap duplicated again.  It’s just mouthwatering!  I bliss out whenever I smell it!  Can’t help it.  The Fresh Peach from Nature’s Garden is great for lotions and body butters because it smells like fresh, juicy, peaches.  The heat, might do it no favors when cping with it, though eventually I’m surely going to try it.  For now though I’ll stick with using NG’s Peach for lotions, and body butters.  The Peach Jubilee from WSP will be for soaps that are lethally lush smelling!  It’s wicked!


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