Happy dance~

Well this makes me deliriously happy – I’ve had to restock on some soaps!  The project for today was Just Peachy, but with a slight improvement.  I added the Tussah silk to this batch so we’ll see if it makes it even better than the last batch.  That last batch was no slouch, but this one I hope will knock it right outta the park!  The silk amino acids plus Tussah silk was added along with the oils I usually use, the three milks I usually use, the Vitamin E, colloidal oatmeal, and coconut milk.  The basic recipe is simple enough with just the same three oils, but with the extras, it makes all the difference in the world for the creaminess, silkiness of the lather and soothing benefits.  There’s another couple of recipes I like to use, but not every single time.  It’s nice to have a good basic set of several reliable recipes that will work every single time it’s used.  After getting all the minor details worked out, it’s finally reached a point where I can gladly say, it’s exactly where I want it to be.  Now to build up a good roster of customers that like what I make enough to shop with me and return time and time again.  This batch will be ready for purchase March 13th, but pre-orders are welcome so you can lock in your bars while they’re still here.   These little beauties move quickly!  Just drop me an email for pre-ordering details.


That said, today’s Just Peachy batch—–


Just Peachy Silky Milk Soap


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