A few new molds to play with

Several molds mysteriously made their way to my house over the past couple of weeks.  Funny how that happened.   A truck pulls up, a guy in brown walks up to my house and hands me presents.  He’s better than Santa Clause!  Well, anyway, this time he brought me some cutsy-pie silicone molds shaped like flutterbies, sunflowers, roses, and jonquils.  There a few others, but these had several cavities each.  The good kind of cavities!  There are a few others that are single bars, but very ornate.  They’ll be unmolded this afternoon or tomorrow depending on what I find when I check on them today.  In the meantime, I popped out the sunflowers, jonquils, and roses, then thought about what to do to prettify them and decided to brush on the mica, which turned out to be very pretty!  It gives them a sheen and a light touch of colour that’s perfectly spring-like.  It took a while, but they were fun to work on while watching Ghost Hunters!Jonquils (1024x768)Roses (1024x768) Sunflowers (1024x768)


So much fun!  There are some very intricate details in the ones that are still in their molds, so I’m not sure what I can do with them, but I hope I don’t ruin them trying to snazz them up with micas.  The fragrance is a new one from NG called Bamboo Lotus.  A crisp clean, floral, and I didn’t add any colour to the soap.  I wanted a plain white soap so it could be used in these molds and the designs enhanced with colours somehow.  It soaped very nicely.  No acceleration, no ricing, just a clean, crisp,  scent with the right amount of  snap to it to make it a delight for the senses.  It has grapefruit zest, mango, and sandalwood.  Yum!  I’m calling it Summer Garden.  I’ll spray these with some hairspray to keep the mica from rubbing off when they get packaged up for selling.  They’re getting posted into the web site this afternoon when I have a huge chunk of time to work on it.  I’ll also be making another batch of Raspberry this afternoon too.  No rest for the wicked!


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