Ripe Raspberry

A customer has several favorites and this is one of them, so she recently asked when I’d be making more Ripe Raspberry because she’d given all of hers that she’d ordered from me away as Christmas presents.  I told her they’d be coming out very soon, while I was wondering when I’d have time – and the energy – (long story) to be able to make new batches of the raspberry and the peach which she also wanted more of.

After placing myself on a regimen of Vitamin D and iron, trying to get more rest (not succeeding too much on that part) the Just Peachy was redone recently.  This managed to get me back into the rhythm of soaping again, so I set up for making the next soap on my To Do list – Ripe Raspberry – the next day.  Once home from work and wearing comfy clothes, the Ripe Raspberry was soon in the mold to firm up.

Ripe Raspberry cut pics (1024x768)


The colour wasn’t a vibrant as it was in the mixing bowls, don’t know why, but it smells outrageously juicy and raspberry-ish!  Yum!  Makes my mouth water!  So this will be shipping ready around March 15, which makes my customer deliriously happy.  She wanted some of this one AND the Just Peachy along with others that were already in stock, so they’re set aside for her when all are ready.  It really gives me such a thrill of happiness to be able to makes something that someone else really likes enough to come back time and time again for more.  It validates all the trouble, expense, works, and time invested in learning this craft in order to be able to do this with confidence in my products.  I love doing this!

I made this a separate post from the silicone molds soaps so as not to have this soap with its utilitarian look overshadowed by the intricacy of those silicone molds.  This soap here is NOT going to be the ugly stepsister to the silicone Cinderellas.  So, to give Ripe Raspberry the recognition it deserves, it gets a post of its own.


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