Chamomile Tea Silky Milk Soap

It started off smoothly enough with two butters – chamomile butter and green tea butter, using chamomile tea instead of water, then I got to the stage where the fragrance was added and it was time to divide and colour.  Okay.  Stick blended the colours in, and wham!  It gets thick.  Ugh!  It’s going to be one of those batches.  No pretty graceful loopy swirls of colour just horrendous blobs of colour that try to mimic lava lamps.  Ugh again.  Then the yellow I’d planned on using as the main colour for the soap had morphed!  Into Mauve!  More ugghing!  This just got worse   I added a bit of the green to make it a lighter shade of green than the other bit that was green to make it a two shades of green soap, but it was getting thick very quickly,so into the mold it goes without much preamble or blending, so there are probably streaks of colour that weren’t mixed very well.  It was just horrible, but it smelled good and the soap itself is probably quite nice.  Lost of good things in it to make it a very nice bar of soap.  Just not up to the usual for what I want it to look like.  Oh well.  The wet shot is like this – Chamomile Butter Silky Milk Soap[ (768x1024)

The fragrance notes are bamboo, hemp, peach, grapefruit, (which might be what caused the majority of the acceleration), and mandarin plum.  Smells very nice.  Not flowery, just fresh and lightly fruity.  A light sunny scent.  This one will be available for shipment March 16th.  Preorders are accepted via email to:


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