The latest purse, the Chatelaine.  Black & White bandannas, double layered satin ribbon of wide white and narrower white with black filigree.  Key accents.



Mojito colored bandannas with yellow & black shoulder straps, black with white polka dot button accents and a huge happy flower button to close it all up snug.  $25

Mojito! Bandana Purse

Blue Bandana Purse with White & Blue Satin Straps

Blue Lagoon Bandana Purse

Firecracker! (1024x768)

Firecracker! Bandana Purse

Purple Pigtails (1024x768)

Purple Passion Bandana Purse

Neon Dream  (1024x768)

Neon Dream Bandana Purse

After Midnight

After Midnight Bandana Purse

Into The Mist Bandana Purse

Cherries Jubilee purse

Cherries Jubilee Across the Body Bandana Purse

Violets are Blue bag (1024x768)

Violets Are Blue Shoulder Bandana Purse

Pretty in Pink Bag (1024x683) (1024x683)

Pretty In Pink Bandana Purse

Camo Babe Purse (1024x768)

Camo Babe Bandana Purse


All of the bandana purses picture on this page are $35 each and are completely handcrafted.  I use one myself and can assure you they’re sturdy little numbers that will set you apart from everyone else out there.  No one will have a purse like yours and you’ll be noticed for it, too.  These are so much fun and love the way they feel – comfy, roomy, easy to handle.  And lots of compliments come along with them too.


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