Gardeners & Cooks Silky Milk Soap

Gardeners & Cooks Silky Milk Soap
Gardeners & Cooks Silky Milk Soap

Last night, I laid out a lot of the supplies so the soaping could go smoothly today with few if any snafus.  That came later as it turned out, but not in the soaping part.  As I’ve mentioned earlier, the library’s Adult Summer Reading program is gardening themed, so this is the soap I worked up to include in the Goodie Basket as one of the prizes.  There’s the fragrance of lemon, rosemary, and mint in it to help cut the odors hands can get on them during the coars of working hard in the garden or kitchen, whilst still imparting a silky rich lathering soap to cleanse away the obvious dirt of the day.  It also includes coconut milk and Tussah silk for a silky feeling lather.  I have a huge bag of it so there’s likely a lifetime supply here of the silk, which will certainly be put to good use over time.  The water was completely replaced with aloe juice for a little extra help after a rough day’s work.

I used Red Moroccon Clay in 1/3 of it, French Green Clay in another 1/3 of it and Lemon Peel Powder in the last 1/3 of the soap batter, mixed it all in with the stick blender, but stirred the fragrance into each portion by hand, trying to avoid over-blending and risking Soap on a Stick [blender].  The colours are a lovely soft shade of dusky reddish pink, lightly tinted soft green and a subtle washed out yellow.  I love the subtlety of these colours.  They were put down in layers, not swirled, then when the top was ready to be texturized there was no skewer anywhere to be found, so I grabbed a paint brush and used the handle.  When you find yourself in a bind, you make do, right?  The batter was firming up pretty quickly since I used several butters and fewer liquid oils, so this may be a very hard bar of soap by Saturday morning!  But that’s fine since I have no patience when it comes to waiting for a soap to be unmolded!  I’ve pushed my luck many times and paid for it, so while it’s still hard to wait I just have to walk away.

No glitter on this either.  I mean, really?  Would serious minded, sweaty, hard-working cooks and gardeners want glitter ?  I’m thinking maybe no on this one.  Best to leave the shinies for the prettify-me soaps.  This is for removing the dirt and grit of the work, then later you go take a bath or shower with a pretty bar of Just Peachy or Ripe Raspberry and glisten & waft that lush fragrance everywhere all evening long!   This soap will be ready for shipping March 29th and pre-orders are welcome through email, so if you would like to reserve a bar or three, email me at and I’ll set aside some bars for you.  I will email you to let you know when I ‘m ready to ship and can invoice you if you have Paypal.   They will be put up on the web site once they’re out of the mold and cut.  You can also purchase through the web site.

Now for my next trick – I hope to make a batch of liquid soap.  I have all the oils for it now, and plenty of glycerin to use, since I plan to try the glycerin method, so it’s now time to take that next step.


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