Black Pearl #2 is cut!

and it isn’t yellow!  I guess between the vanillin colour stabilizer and the TD, plus putting the larger percentage of the fragrance oil into the dark portion of the soap prevented the discoloration from happening this time around.   The cut probably should have been done from the side, though, but that’s fixable in a far easier way than waiting for ick yellow to disappear!  The light portion is a very pearly ivory colour, the dark part is tinted with activated charcoal, and the swirl is a slightly modified version of a hanger swirl.  The top was lightly sprinkled with some mica and that was the extent of the additional colour.

It has colloidal oatmeal, Tussah silk, black tea brewed & cooled, 3 milks, 3 oils, a bit of TD to offset the dark colour attained when lye is mixed with tea. some vanilla colour stabilizer, and a fragrance oil from Nature’s Garden and Candles called Blackened Amethyst.  This FO has notes of vetiver, camellia, Italian bergamot and lime.  There was only a slight amount of acceleration with this fragrance, so it gives you enough time to color and play a bit with the colours, but be sure you have a plan ahead of time and everything’s lined up and ready to get the job done.  This isn’t one of those scents where you can make it up as you go along.  There won’t be enough time for improvisation. Also don’t plan to wash up or tidy up a lot during this batch’s construction.  There’s no time for that either.  The flexibility of time could vary with the oils used, though.   Some will set quicker than others and if you use aby hard oils, waxes or butters, it will speed up even more.  I had no hard oils or butters and it went plenty fast enough to work with if I didn’t try cleaning up as I went along.

I know I keep harping on about the first batch’s discoloration, but it’s was awful.  A yellow so vivid, it discoloured the paper towels the bars were sitting on as they cured!  They touched a couple of the bars in the Amethyst & Pearls bars that were curing next to them and it left spots on them!  Yellowish-orangey spots on the top corners of  bars that are white and lavender is not a nice combination, take my word for it!  Ugh!  I wasn’t sure if I’d try using this fragrance again, but the soap sold out and it was clear that the soap was a keeper, just that it needed a few adjustments, so a couple of tweaks fixed the issues and hopefully this batch will be even more popular than the first one.   The swirls in it kind of reminded me of ginkgo leaves.

Hanger swirls are typically done in a down-forward-up-forward-down, etc motion, but this one was done with a more or less circular motion.  These bars will be cured and ready to ship April 3rd.  Gosh,  it’s hard to believe that it’s nearly April already!  Wow, where’d the time go!  Anywho, they can be pre-ordered by emailing me at or private messaging my facebook page at with the number of bars you require.  I can then invoice you when the time is near for shipping.  Once your payment clears through PayPal, I can ship them out.  This batch made 9 bars.

Black Pearl Silky Milk & Tea Soap - $6 each.
Black Pearl Silky Milk & Tea Soap – $6 each.

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