Yes sir, yes sir, 3 batches done!

Today’s been a busy, maybe too busy, soaping day.  I realized that yesterday’s soap was NOT Black Pearl. It was the wrong fragrance fro Black Pearl.  Last year’s BP soap was scented with Queen of the Nile from Nature’s Garden.  This most recent effort was accidentally scented with Blackened Amethyst.  The title would work, but the scent won’t.  It just needs to be something nearly lethal in its sex appeal and Queen of the Nile fits that bill perfectly.  So, since the fragrance was correct for Amethyst & Pearls, I’ve changed it to that instead.  I didn’t have anymore of that one anyway, though I hadn’t intended to make any more.  Oh well.  I’ll list them as Amethyst & Pearls on the web site.

Today’s batches were begun with a replacement for the Black Pearl.  I split the liquid half & half, using black tea and half aloe juice, included coconut milk, Tussah silk, colloidal oats, 3 oils, 3 milk, and a little splash of cocoa butter. I coloured a portion with activated charcoal and New Moon Black (Conservatorie), a larger portion with Peacock Blue (also Conservatorie), which turned green thanks to the discoloration of the FO in the soap, and a bit of white, which of course will turn bright yellow.  Since there’s just a tiny bit of the ‘white’, it might or might not lighten up over time like the first batch did.  That batch was split cleanly 1/2 & 1/2 white to black and had plenty of time to lighten up.  The edges never did lighten up completely though.  😦   The web site doesn’t mention that this FO discolours that strongly, but they really should.  I mentioned it on the Facebook pages I post on, so hopefully no one else will be caught off guard.   The wrongly labeled soaps are now changed on my web site to match last year’s soap with the same fragrance – Amethyst & Pearls.  It just has the wrong colours in the swirls.

Here’s the loaf of Black Pearl, so far uncut:

The REAL Black Pearl
The REAL Black Pearl


Batch #2 was a heavenly one – Awapuhi Seaberry.  This one had, in addition to the 3 oils, a dollop of monoi butter(, which smelled sinfully delicious!  The fragrance was exotic, heady, like night blooming flowers from an exotic island getaway.  It has the essence of tiare flowers blended into the oils that make up this butter and it’s out-of-this-world heavenly to the senses!  I used a bit of Magic Blue Mica from Conservatorie, some titanium dioxide, and a dusting of White Pearl Mica from Conservatorie over the top after the texturization was done.   A spoon swirl was done on the inside.

Here’s Awapuhi Seaberry so far uncut –

Awapuhi Seaberry Silky Milk Soap
Awapuhi Seaberry Silky Milk Soap


Batch #3 was one that had to wait until after supper since the first batch of lye was measured incorrectly.  But on the upside, my drains are really clean!

This batch used a free sample I’d received a while back from Peak Candles called Mandarin Plum.  It smelled very nice in the bottle and soaped like a dream.  No acceleration, no discoloration, no ricing  just smooth sailing the whole way through.  I used a blend of Magic Violet and a light pinch of Red Shimmering Clay both from Conservatorie, doing a hanger swirl with the two colours.  It took quite a while for it to reach a stage where the layers could be put down without break through and then swirled with the skewer & straw hanger gizmo, but eventually it did.  It’s now in the fridge to prevent gel, but I doubt it would do that since it was such a slow mover.  I don’t know if the two colours will stay true and turn out to look like a plum shade, but we’ll find out tomorrow hopefully.  I don’t know.  As slow as it moved today, it could be a week before I can cut it!  lol!  But the fragrance is nothing but fruits and plum.  Period.  They don’t mention any florals at all in the description (an extremely brief one at that) on their web site.  Just 2 colours in this one, the ‘plum’ shade and white.

Here’s Mandarin Plum, still in the mold and in the fridge (sorry about the poor photography!)

Mandarin Plum Silky Milk Soap
Mandarin Plum Silky Milk Soap

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