“Nother milestone passed~

With a day off, what else will this mouse do while her counterpart is away at work.  Well, to stay out of trouble, I tried something new.  I tried making liquid soap, using the glycerin method.  It turned amber like others have said, which I was prepared for.  What I wasn’t prepared for was for it to stay very fluid, never going into the paste, or taffy stage.  Couldn’t figure out why, so ran to Soaper’s Retreat in Facebook and they said it didn’t need any heat.  Was my face red!  I thought it would need at least a little initially to neutralized the KOH, but….guess not!  It stayed thin, I’d blend it, stayed thin, cooked it, it stayed thin, but then started to smell kind of…burned.  Well, it was burning!  Ack! It went towards a dark amber shade.  Didn’t like that too much because it looked dark enough before it cooked too long.  *sigh*  I had a mess when I took it off the heat, It thickened up, and the water added wasn’t quite hot enough, so the rest of it was heated on the range a bit before pouring a bit in and mixing it up.  Loads of lush, thick, creamy lather formed, which a fellow soaper suggested I spritz with alcohol to reduce it so I could what I’m doing better.  I told I would….eventually.  I was kind of enjoying all those beautiful bubbles!    The water lightened it up a bit, so what I was left with was a mellow amber coloured liquid in the bottles I had left around from lotion or what nots.

In the pot and completely obliterated by bubbles.  It was a very dark brownish-amber colour by this point.
In the pot and completely obliterated by bubbles. It was a very dark brownish-amber colour by this point.


After the bottled were poured.  Still hot and slightly bubbly. Spritzing with alcohol helped with that.
After the bottles were poured. Still hot and slightly bubbly. Spritzing with alcohol helped with that.


Final stage - clear amber coloured soap!
Final stage – clear amber coloured soap!


Next time it will have fragrance!

Making this took me back to the same jittery feelings i had with my first attempt at bar soap.   It was hp and a huge mess.  Pompeii had nothing on the mess created by that batch.  But I was hooked regardless.  If anything the volcano made me even more determined to do it  again and do it right.  The second batch was a bit better,  but it’s a process, one in which recipes were tried, tested, found lacking somewhere, changed, thrown out, enhanced, then finally  about 4 years later, it’s just what I want it to be, though there are actually three recipes that I like to use routinely now.  I’ve tried many others, including those created by other soapers and they’ve generously shared with us so we could try them out for ourselves, though not to sell.  Still, I’ve always returned to the ones previously formulated again and again.  As they have always said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I hope it won’t take another four years before I get liquid soaps where they’re just right for selling, with or without fragrance, but the recipe is pretty much what I’d like to stick with.  It’s just the steps, technique that need mastering.  And of course the dilution.  That’ could be a problem if the FOs/EOs thin it down.  That was the one thing that burned my biscuits with all of the premade bases.  They always, without exception, thinned down with the addition of fragrance.  It ruined it and nothing I tried prevented it or offset it to my liking.  Maybe this won’t thin down.  This batch was diluted a bit too much, so I doubt I’ll try any scent in any of it, unless I decide to throw caution to the wind after all.   But It’s with a deep sigh of relief, this first maiden voyage is now done and we can move forward to the next.  As Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters says “On to the next”, and that’s where we headed now.

Happy weekend and merry soaping! Try something new.  You never know, you might be surprised by the outcome!



4 Replies to ““Nother milestone passed~”

  1. Hi! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy
    reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?
    Appreciate it!


    1. Just google terms like soaping making blogs and you’ll get more hits than you can stand! It’s easy to find them that way and you’ll find the ones you really want to see & read. Everyone’s taste is a bit different, so I’m reluctant to push links in here without knowing what a person truly seeks in a blog/blogger.


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