Testing the soap

Yesterday’s liquid soap, with its deep amber colour and slightly smoky scent wasn’t my finest moment in soaping, so I hoped to find a way to redeem the effort by using the initial batch for testing out fragrances and seeing how they’d react in the soap base.  It was diluted by a bit more than a 1:1 ratio, so it was a nice liquid, though still smoky smelling and amber coloured.   But I used several FOs and a couple of EOs on it and the results were interesting and illuminating.

Liquid soap with FOs added (labeled)
Liquid soap with FOs added (labeled)

The far left was untouched to be used as a control.  No changes noted over time, so it worked quite well as a control.

The next one to its right was scented with NG’s Raspberry FO, which gave it a cloudy appearance, but no thickening or thinning, which I was rather relieved to see.

The next one further to the right was scented with WSP’s Peach Jubilee, which remained beautifully clear and also did not thicken nor did it thin out!  That was the main thing.  No thinning!

Coconut Lime Verbena from WSP was in the next bottle (shorter) and it too went cloudy, but it also thickened up significantly.  I guess that would make for a very nice shampoo if you like it that way.

The last one, on the far right was scented with Lemon EO from WSP.  This one did not cloud over as much as the others did, with the exception of the Peach Jubilee of course, but it also didn’t thicken up or thin down at all.

There was one other that was done a bit later on when I finally found another fragrance I wanted to try out.  I used Ginger-Lime from WSP in that one.  There was some cloudiness, but not too much,  Still a bit translucent   It also did not thin down or thicken.  On another note, I love this scent!  To me it smells of freshly cut, slightly wet summer grass.  I love it!  Very nice.  So nice in fact, even the hubby likes it, which is definitely saying something since I consider him my fragrance guru and biz ‘nose’.

After the fragrance had been in each of these test bottles, the fragrance diminished the smoky smell significantly enough to remove it almost entirely from the soap, leaving only the fragrance itself detectable.

With this test, the results gives us not only the benefits of the test results providing information to take back to the drawing board for use when making other soap batches, but it also gives us a nice supply of liquid soaps throughout the house for various uses in various rooms.  I might even try out that Ginger Lime on my hair tomorrow, who knows.


5 Replies to “Testing the soap”

  1. The testing for use as a shampoo was a smashing success. It cleans my hair literally squeaky clean, but soft and normal feeling as opposed to dried out as it would from regular, store-bought shampoos. This is probably what shampoo & conditioner developers have in mind in the first place. That way they’re guaranteed double sales opportunity. If you buy the shampoo, you’ll definitely need the conditioner! My liquid soap cleans, but I use conditioner anyway, to remove tangles. If I ever find something to add into a shampoo recipe that will help control snarls, I’ll be all over it!


  2. Isn’t fun to see what certain fragrances will do in liquid soap? I just had one of the gals in the office test a bunch of our fragrances in a liquid soap base and the results were really interesting! Thanks for sharing how yours turned out. =)


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