Abalone & Sea

I’m only using the Abalone part of this FO’s name for the soap since the colours reflect that part of the name more than the Sea part.  The colours were from Conservatorie once again and this time I added in a mica ribbon on the top and lots of dips, peaks and swirls for mica to sparkle in the light.  The colours were the Peacock Blue and 1 from Bramble Berry called Hydrated Chrome Green.  The iridescent glitter was from NG.

There were a few minor changes to the basic recipe such as adding in cocoa & shea butters to the original olive, almond and coconut oils, along with the coconut milk, colloidal oatmeal, goats milk, buttermilk, Tussah silk, Vitamin E, and using aloe juice with the lye instead of plain old water.  There was a black ribbon embedded within the soap, along with portions of the soap being coloured with the green, the blue, and a bit of violet, too.  With the clear contrast between the white portions alongside those vivid colours, it really swirl exactly the way it should.  It didn’t hurt that the FO didn’t cause any acceleration or ricing.  What a relief!  The swirls turned out beautifully and it really pops on the tops colour-wise due to the mica ribbon that was swirled into the top during the texturizing.  That was about the only ‘first’ here.

With that said, this is Abalone  –

Abalone - in the mold
Abalone – in the mold
Abalone Silky Milk Soap
Abalone Silky Milk Soap – cut

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