Passionfruit Nectarine…..yum!

The FO was purchased from a fellow soaper who was doing a bit of spring cleaning, so it didn’t cost nearly as much to buy it from her as it would have from the original supplier.  I actually bought several from her and hop to get to them all eventually, but one batch at a time is best, and this was the one I wanted to try most of all along with another called Abalone & Sea.  For three days I sniffed a tester strip (index card cut into strips then dipped quickly into an FO),  noting the levels that came out over time.  The Abalone & Sea became more like the floral high end perfume type of scent, while the Passionfruit Nectarine became more like a peach, at least to me.   I’ve soaped both but for this post I’ll focus on the Passionfruit Nectarine.

The recipe had coconut water mixed with the lye with silk fibres added to dissolved during the heating of the lye.  If anyone else tries using coconut water, be warned that it will turn orange when it begins to interact.  This can be overcome by adding in some titanium dioxide.  I still used coconut milk, but wanted to try using coconut water this time since it’s so rich in vitamins and minerals, and even if it doesn’t lend anything to the soap that can be felt, it will impart something beneficial quietly through the skin to maybe combat the effects of sun-damaged skin, chemical damage from air pollutants, etc.  That’s the hope anyway.  We all could use a few extra anti-oxidants, don’t  you think?  No one has ever been rushed to the hospital from an antioxidant overdose so far as I know.

The usual oils were used along with the addition of castor and palm oils to imbue moisturizing qualities in the final soap even after cure is done.  All went pretty smoothly and the FO soaps very nicely.  No discoloration, though I did add a bit of the vanilla colour stabilizer as the FO labels states  it has a 0.20% vanilla content.  Just to be on the safe side.  If it discoloured  it might not do much of it, but I don’t want to risk it and waste the use of the micas used. I started out with the thought/hope/dream of doing an elemental swirl, but the colours were too close together in shade, so it doesn’t really show up all that well.  Note to self:  use highly contrasting or complementary colours when attempting elemental swirls!  This fragrance did not discolour, accelerate or rice, so it’s really a wonderful scent to CP soap with and is perfect for those who don’t like floral fragrances.  There are a few out there, one being a steady customer of mine, so there is a demand for soaps that are not floral heavy.

The usual skin-loving additives were also included – coconut milk, goat’s milk, & butter milk, colloidal oatmeal, Vitamin E, the silk, and 3 colours – White Pearl Mica, Red Shimmering Clay Mica, and Peach Sunset Mica, all from Conservatorie.  I stuck it into the fridge to prevent gel and took it out after leaving it in there overnight, and let it get to room temp while I was at work.  Once I got home, it was cut using the new tank cutter from Bud and his Etsy shop.  Cutting soaps with the wire strung tank causes a slightly bumpy texture to the bars, which I don’t like too much, so they’re now smoothed out, evened up and beveled.  This is the only downside to using a wire cutter imo, so this will continue and ultimately will save me time along the way.  Here’s the pic of Passionfruit  Nectarine  –

Passionfruit Nectarine
Passionfruit Nectarine

PS:  this pic was taken prior to smoothing, beveling and evening up was done.


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