Black Raspberry Vanilla has its moment in the sun

Here’s the cut view of BRV, sunning itself outside on a beautiful 80° Spring day in North Carolina.  Pollen was everywhere so we didn’t linger.  The New Moon Mica swirl shimmers in the sunshine very nicely .  It’s a shame though that the sugar pearls developed a bit of a ‘halo’ effect around them from the soap coming in contact with them.  I didn’t let this get at all, but chilled it in the fridge for several hours, then let it rest overnight and cut it this afternoon.   It’s a perfect afternoon for a photo shoot, too, with the bright blue skies, the birds singing all around, the sounds of people cutting their grass, which then sends that wonderful summertime scent out into the air for everyone to enjoy.  I love the smell of clipped grass.  It reminds me of watermelon – green, wet, & summery.  These will be ready for shipment May 6th, so they’d make a  perfectly-timed, yummy Mother’s Day gift.  I also hope to have them ready to go out for the next Tantalizing Sampler for June/July.  I hope.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, get out there and make it a great day, everybody!  Black Raspberry Vanilla3 (768x1024) Tops close up


2 Replies to “Black Raspberry Vanilla has its moment in the sun”

    1. Thanks. I tried that mica in oil thing everyone in SR has been doing lately and that was what turned up. Probably would’ve been more effective in a slab mold, but I don’t have a large one, so loaf molds will have to do. Have a great weekend, Jen!


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