The Summer Reading Program 2013

Every year, our adult summer reading program begins to gear up for the start of the summer reading season, and to help up the numbers, we’ve had a coule of the Adult Reading Librarians run the show.  Last year I was approached for a gift basket to include as a prize for the event, so I pulled together some of my soaps, lotions, and tucked them all snugly into a white Bandana purse.  Well it turned out rather cute, if i do say so myself, and apparently someone else thought so too, and it disappeared from the shelf first!  No moss gathered on that baby!  This year there’s another reader’s season in the works, with gardening as the theme, so with that in mind I put together a prize basket and it looks a bit like this~

Summer Reading Gift Basket outside (1024x768)


It includes an 8 ounce bottle of the newest product in the NN Bath & Body line, Hand & Body Wash, made from a liquid soap paste I recently learned how to do.  Diluted down enough , but not too much, a touch of Orange Essential oil added and it’s Body Wash!  it can also work nicely as a hand wash or even a shampoo!  Smells sooooo nice.  I use the same scent in some for my own hair and love it!  The bathroom smells amazing every time I take a shower!  lol!

There’s an 8 ounce bottle of Hand & Body lotion, made with aloe juice, and shea butter, nice, thick, rich, not sticky and lightly fragrance with a floral EO blend.  Really a nice lotion any time, but with the addition of the aloe, it’s great for help in healing scrapes, scratches, and sunburn, too.

There’s a four ounce tub, though the contents don’t add up to four ounces in weight because it’s whipped body butter.  The scent is a nice soothing chamomile, made with cocoa & shea butters and a specialty Chamomile butter. A tiny touch of chamomile fragrance is added in for a little bit of aromatherapy after a long hard day working in the yard, garden, etc.  There are three butters in all plus 1 oil, grapeseed, in the body butter, then it’s whipped several times to give it a lightness of being that’s absolutely out of this world for sinking in where it’s needed most…deep in your skin.

There’s also a healthy selection of soaps – 6 bars in all. They are Cucumber-Mint, Ripe Raspberry, Just Peachy!, Passionfruit-Nectarine, Gardener’s & Cooks, Garden of Delight.  Thought those particular scents would be appropriate for a gardening themed goodie basket….    These are all full-sized bars, too, so the recipient will certainly be well-stocked when they get this prize.  At least for a few months, anyway.

Several business cards will also be tucked discreetly amongst the goodies, along with a nice wooden soap dish, and a wooden nail scrubber that I bought from some lovely soapers in Facebook in the group Vendor Stuff for Sale.  That is one handy group to belong to, I have to say.  Cost a bit for the past month, but I’m set for a while now and at half or less the original cost had I ordered it from the actual online vendor. I even lucked out on finding waterproof labels!  Squee!

After doign this for the scond year, I’m hopeful that this will get my web site noticed a bit more than it has.  It’s had some pretty sad stats for the first year, but I’m not giving up just yet.  I get good reviews from people who’ve used my soaps, and I’m suing here at home too, so I know what it has and needs work on.  William’s a terrific amount of help there, too, particularly with colors, scents, and marketing ideas.  But I need to keep working on getting my name out there to more people.  I know the products ae good.  Others need to find this out, too now.


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