Lesson learned for cart & hosting

What an ordeal!  The hope was to find a way to drive sales to my web site in Weebly.  Good idea, but there was a glitch in the system.

I began innocently enough.  I’d pretty much given up ever getting any traffic to my web site and making any money from it since it had been up for nearly a year and I’d had no sales from it. None.  The few sales I had were from just one or two people, friends of mine, and they placed pre-orders via email or asked for a special soap to be made that they could use in their favorite fragrance.  So, after checking the stats for the site, I was really dismayed to see what low numbers  it was showing.  Very low and it was just so frustrating , so someone said, they could built a cart for me with a domain that would send people to my site based on a search engine’s search term based on the domain attached to the cart.  Great idea technically  but the host choice was a bad one.  They’d been recommended by someone I trust implicitly and they said they’d build the site around the name, attach it to a particular phrase and include Zen cart.  Okay.  So, for the next 3 days we went back and forth between our conversation and the hosting site’s tech support trying to get it set up properly and the hosting site dropped the ball. Without getting too technical, I’ll just summarize by stating they left things orphaned that ruined the possibility to be able to use the site and the cart properly. Ever.  So after 3 days of trying, being placed on hold for hours between the three of us – myself, my tech guru, and the hosting site’s tech support person, nothing worked out at all.  Long story short.  I’ll be requesting a refund of the use of the domain name, and the the cart it rode in on.

I was nearly in tears, to be honest.  I’ve tried so hard to get things straightened out with this place, so did my guru, yet it was out of our hands as to what to do next that would salvage it.  I’m hesitant to say the hosting site’s name because it is a well-known one, one that many people are using and is nationally recognized through various media markets’ advertising, including NASCAR.  I have no problem at all with my web site and Weebly with the exception of the cart being attached to Paypal or Google only.  Let’s just say, I’m not a huge fan of PayPal.  I’ll use it, but only because it’s the only option I can see using efficiently at the moment.


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