Web site tweaking

Today’s work on the trellis was delayed. The web site needed serious work and today was the best time to do it while I wasn’t too worn out from the outdoor work yet or too grubby yet to get into the computer.

My poor web site, and come to that, this poor blog , is nearly dead in the water, due to a lack of attention.  I’ve neglected both seriously, between working elsewhere, being worn down physically, and getting engrossed in other activities.  The web site looks much better, at least I think so anyway.  It was re-organized, cleared out from things that were not going to sell, or were too tricky to list just yet in the manner I’d had them listed.  They’ll be added back later when the best way to list them is decided on. PowerPoint of web site changes


I didn’t like the overcrowded look to the pages, nor how long it took to scroll down each one to look at all of the items listed.  Now the pages are short, but there the same number of pictures are there, just initially smaller.  Clicking on each image, should enlarge it for better detail if shoppers are interested in seeing what things look like a bit closer up.

Now, I really need to get outside and work on the trellis and get the last 50 years worth of paint removed so it can be redone, before the moonflowers start climbing up the front.



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