Chamomile Lavender Coconut Soap

The name might be a tad deceptive.  It says coconut, but that doesn’t come from the scent, but rather from three forms of coconut used in the recipe.  The fragrance has main notes of chamomile & lavender.  Not a coconut in sight there.  But I wanted to do something slightly different with this one, so I made it as a Bastille soap, with a high percentage of olive oil, then added coconut oil, used coconut water for the lye solution, and added coconut milk mixed to an emulsified state with the colloidal oatmeal.  The soap is now curing and will hopefully be ready to play around July 1st, though the longer it cures, given that’s intended to be a Bastille soap, the better it will be.  The toughest decision was probably how to colour it if at all.  Well you know me, can’t resist using a mica in things soapy, so then it was down to a decision on which colour[s] to use.  Given that it’s chamomile, I opted for a majority of it to be green, with a splash of white and used Lemon Drop from Conservatorie for the top’s Mica swirl.  It morphed a bit for a while to a creamsicle orange, but shifted back to yellow once it was fully firmed up. Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t have cared if it never shifted back, the orangey pastel was rather pretty!  Cp soap making is a cap shoot at best.  Best laid plans will dissolve before your very eyes quicker than a blink, so don’t count on anything as a guarantee with cp soap making!  But I love a ripping good challenge, something I can sink my soaping teeth into!  I suppose I could’ve used a purple, violet or lavender for the colour and it would popped a bit more, but there’s so little of the lavender in there that I can smell, it just didn’t seem accurate or fitting to use it.

Cut view of Chamomile Lavender Coconut Soap - avail 7/1/13.  $6 each
Cut view of Chamomile Lavender Coconut Soap – avail 7/1/13. $6 each

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