Disappointment – amended

We can find many areas where disappointment will strike, leaving us bereft, lost without direction, confused as to what went wrong, or devastated when it’s something unexpectedly harsh from someone you’d trusted to be supportive.  Many things cause many different types of disappointment.  Making Bath & Body has its fair share.  More than, to be truthful.  I’ve had many disappointments throughout my life, some were learning experiences, others, well, let’s just say they weren’t the sort to teach me anything useful yet still were a pivotal point in my growth.  Not necessarily good points either.

Soapmaking was been no exception to this aspect of living.  This week was certainly a rough one with regard to making something to add to the inventory of products in the online stores, riddled with disappointment.  Maybe it was due in part to the hurricane, the first of the season. It’s had my soaps weeping copious tears all day yesterday and today.  The slab of soap I’d fought with on Friday from it’s acceleration was dripping on one side and resting in a puddle of itself this morning when I went to lift it to be sliced.  Mopping it off, I went ahead with the cutting.  It’s done now, sitting on the baker’s rack in thick, weepy slabs on the top shelf on top of several layers of paper towels.  This weather is depressing them as much as it is me.  It’s now June and I rarely saw the sun at all in April or May.  June looks to be more of the same unless big changes occur in the next three weeks. This appears to be the year without a Spring.  Will it also be a year without a summer?

The last five bars of Caribbean Sands sold last week, so I made a replacement batch yesterday using an FO from another supplier with the same name, one that was similar in how it strikes my nose, but the hubby liked this one better than the one I’d been using, so I thought I’d give it a shot.  Bad idea.   It accelerated very quickly, causing me to not be able to swirl it at all.  There are unplanned for slab-like layers of colours in this loaf.  The colours aren’t right, either.  Too intense.  Not happy here over this one.  I’m re ordering the fragrance oil I’d used in previous batches now for the next batch I’ll do to refill this line and not try deviation again.  That adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”  holds new meaning.

Maybe I’m a perfectionist, maybe my mental imagery was set too high in expectations for this one, maybe it was just not a good idea to soap when the weather was so humid, who knows.  But, for whatever reason there might have been at play, it was not what I wanted, resulted in something I truly dislike, and it will not be going up on any web site.  There will not be any pictures of the bars here either, so don’t bother scrolling down to look for them.  Disappointment doesn’t really even come close to what I’m feeling right now.  Honestly.

Soapmaking is a creative outlet, one that also requires an intense focus on the task as it works with caustic materials.  Perhaps there was too much distraction going on around me. I knew what I wanted to achieve, that failed, and the look isn’t where I want it, so this batch will be used for embeds.  I’ll cut it up into chunks and roll them up into rounds of varying sizes and they might appear elsewhere in other bars sometime sooner or later.  Meanwhile, keep calm and move forward.


Post script –   This batch will not be called Caribbean Sands since it doesn’t look right nor is it the same exact fragrance used in the prior two batches.  The FOs were named the same thing by their distributors but they don’t smell identical, so I don’t feel right in calling it the same thing if it isn’t exactly the same in scent.  So this batch, if it’s kept as is, will be called something else.  What that is exactly, who knows, maybe Beach Bum or something, but it will not be Caribbean Sands.


2 Replies to “Disappointment – amended”

  1. Sorry that batch just went all wrong, Neecy. Hoping this week’s goes better for you. Humidity makes soaping interesting here in Houston too so I somewhat feel your pain there. If I really can’t save the batch, I know sometimes it’s great therapy to chop it up into embeds too- a revenge of sorts 🙂


    1. That will probably be the fate of that batch. But onward and upward. Today’s went very well, except the dividers were a bit too loose-fitting and made keeping the colours separate more than two hand alone could handle easily. Live and learn!


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