I’ll need a long meditation after trying this with dividers that didn’t want to stay in place.  They were just a tad too short.  I’d allowed for the butcher paper a bit too liberally, and it caused them to be too loose fitting inside the mold.  Yerg.  Two hands weren’t nearly enough to get this job done without a Screaming Meemy fit along the way, but stubbornness prevailed and it’s now literally chillin’ in the fridge.  The green is acting a bit strange.  You can see along the edge there that it’s gotten a two-toned cast to it, but maybe that’s from the tea blended with the fragrances and they didn’t want to play nicely together.  overall though, those FO’s did give me plenty of time to fight with the dividers and get them more or less filled the way they should be.  This is a new type of swirl, but the actual name of it escapes me at the moment.  If you’d asked me last week what it is, it might have been fresh in my mind, but I’m too fried from the struggle to keep it separate to recall what it is.  I’m sure someone will pipe up and fill in that blank for me and for that I thank you in advance.

The fragrance blend is a custom number with Lemongrass, White Tea, Green Tea & Cucumber, Sandalwood, and it smells absolutely divine!  Love it!  I went nuts last Sunday night playing around with various blends using Lemongrass and came up with three that were nice enough to try to soap with them.  There are still two others I’m plotting mentally on design wise.  The recipe is a given though I’ve decided to add in some mango butter to these recipes just because.  Well, not really.  Actually mango butter is a fantastic moisturizer for your skin, is believed to help protect the skin from UV rays when used in balms and lotions, is great for reducing scars, wrinkles, and the degeneration of skin cells, not to mention it gives you a rich, smooth shave.  It’s a great butter and is very popular in the soapmaking circles for it’s versatility, usefullness and great benefits.  I love using mango butter and it’s easily a perfect sub for shea butter.  Matter of fact I’d rather use mango butter than shea, particularly in lip balms since it doesn’t have the nasty reputation for creating graininess when heat is applied.  Shea can be,… well, temperamental.  I’d rather find something else to use if at all possible and mango is perfect.  Love this butter!

The extras in here are white Kaolin clay, French Green clay, Tussah silk, coconut milk, colloidal oatmeal, white tea, brewed & cooled, to use with the lye, and a light touch of micas to enhance & deepen the colours of the clays just a bit.  This fragrance is soooo nice.  It’s sending me into a Zen-like state.  Love it even if the pattern did get a bit messed up.  No matter.  I’ve learned what needs to be done to make it right the next time, and by gosh, it will be even better next time.  No disappointments this time around!

Zen Tea & Milk Soap, ready July 15th.
Zen Tea & Milk Soap, ready July 15th.

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