Glycerin Liquid soap, this is easy peasy!

glycerin method liquid soap
glycerin method liquid soap

Another batch was made, for hand & body wash, on Friday.  The light amber colour doesn’t seem to be anything I can get around, so I’ll just have to embrace it and move on.  It’s not too deep, so maybe it wouldn’t affect colours if they were added to any future batches, something I haven’t tried yet, but for now it will stay in its natural state.

It tends to thicken up & become cloudy when fragrance is added, but the cloudiness clears away within 24 hours, though the thickening remains.  Getting it to smooth back out takes a few shakes of the bottle, but overall, this method seems to be the best way to make a liquid soap that’s practically fool-proof.  Frankly I love it!  So does the hubby.  He likes it scented with lemon and uses it religiously whenever hand washing is needed.  Right now my favorite scent is a fairly new one in the fast growing collection of fragrance and essential oils cabinet – Lime Basil Mandarin. is the best version of this one and it sends me completely into blissdom.  It’s in a bottle of the liquid soap for use in my showers, which is making showers particularly appealing these days.  For those interested in finding this one or another from a very knowledgeable seller and fellow soaper who’s easy to work with on your oils shopping experience, here’s a link:

On that note, this particular FO hasn’t been CP soaped with yet, so I’m curious to know how it will perform, but reluctant in another sense.  I’d love to have a bar of this scent in a soap, but don’t want to use it up too quickly because according to Cindy, it’s in limited supply.  I don’t know if she has the formulation codes for this one to be redone in the future, but I certainly hope she does because it’s a real winner as far as myself and many others are concerned.  It’s wonderful!  To me, it smells like something else I’ve smelled before, but can’t put my finger on exactly what that is – a laundry detergent?  A perfume?  Can’t pull it up at the moment, but maybe one day it’ll come to me.  Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy the bliss trips!

The bottle pictured above is scented with Coconut Lime Verbena, another one from SMFO & Cindy Gooding.  It’s softer, smoother, less edgy a scent than the ones I purchased elsewhere. Because it’s a smoother scent, this is the one I used to bottle up a bit of the liquid soap to give to my sisters as a surprise along with the order she placed for the two bottles of Bugs Me Not! bug repellent.  The sisters all loved the stuff, said it works flawlessly while out kayaking, walking at the zoo, outside in the evenings, so I’m pleased with the effectiveness of it.  They all have had problems with pests outside, some more so than others since they live in places – South Carolina, Florida, – that could have huge problems with bugs that seriously bug you.  The two bottles, four oz each, seriously depleted my supply, so looks like I’ll have to make up more of the essential oils that are used in the spray.

Another new thing is the name by which Neecy’s will be found.  A new web site, complete with Zen Cart is now about ready to go, though a few more items need to be added before I’m ready to get it going full steam ahead, such as the liquid soaps listings. is the name it’s set up to click on which then takes you to a web site that has Neecy’s Necessities at the Home page.  A wonderfully generous person with little time to do such things helped get this set up, doing practically all of the work on her own, but she required that I do some things in order to learn how to manage the site once she cuts me lose.  It’s a steep learning curve, but one I’m enjoying learning.  Here’s a link for that new site:    The reason for doing a separate web site was to be able to keep shoppers within my site rather than having to go outside it to PayPal, which is something I really didn’t like.  The Weebly site doesn’t work with Zen Cart, unfortunately, but despite that I don’t want to close it just yet.  Its showcase for products is much more pleasing to the eye than the one with Hostgator.  It renews every 6 months and was just recently renewed, but I don’t know yet if I’ll renew it in another 5 1/2 months.


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