I went nuts with the lemongrass FO on Sunday night and pulled together 3 different blends with lemongrass in them and Sandstorm was the second one.  The last has yet to be made, but it will be very soon, maybe tomorrow since I’m off tomorrow and I’d rather soap than work on labels.   Yes, it’s procrastination, what’s your point?  The first one was Zen, with two types of tea fragrances and a white tea used with the lye instead of water.  Sandstorm used coconut water.  It turns a vivid orange when the lye gets mixed in, and doesn’t really get any better though it does darken to an orangey-brown colour, so if you’re looking for a white bar of soap, you’re going to have to use filtered water  or use a lot of Titanium Dioxide.  I’d worry about the amount it would take to lighten this up though, so maybe work with the discolouration rather than fight it.

Speaking of fighting something, ash appeared on the pretty tops of the Chamomile Lavender soap, but you know, it’s not that bad.  Yes, it’s lighter than it was intended to be, but it still looks very nice, more ethereal, wispy, dreamy. So not going to worry with trying to steam it away or anything, but embrace it instead.

So, on to Sandstorm.  This one had notes of lemongrass, valencia (orange) and sandalwood in it.  Very nice, like but with a bit of an edge despite the sandalwood.   As I mentioned earlier, it had coconut water replacing the standard filtered water usually used with the lye, and the additives I like to add to make it extra special like Tussah silk (cruelty-free of course),  colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk, vitamin E, and I used the following colours with a light hand:  Chocolate Milk Mica,Shimmering Red Clay Mica, Sunset Peach, Mica, and Pearl White mica, all from The Conservatorie.  They blended very nicely, though I did have to use a little bit of Titanium dioxide to get the white portion light enough to look significantly lighter than the other colours since the orange-brown appeared from the coconut water.  When using fragrances I’m not familiar with, I tend to add them in at the very last possible minute, and I’m glad of that.  The soap went into heavy trace extremely fast after a certain point.  I barely managed to get the white spooned onto the top, but the top’s texturing suffered the greatest as it was too thick to do anything pretty with it by that point.  It was nearly chunky!  The bottom three colours were spoon swirled, then the ivory spooned out onto the top.   Because it was as thick as it was, I wondered how many bubbles there would be in here, so I dropped the mold down on the work surface more than 20 times, hoping to deflate the worst of them.  Once it was cut, it was surprising how few there were.  I’d expected a lot more than than what appeared!  The fragrance is summery & tart, clean, green, slightly juicy.  The colours are inspired from the muted, sand-dusted tones of the desert southwest, like a day headed softly into dusk in the desert.

Sandstorm Coconut Water Soap.  Ready July 17.
Sandstorm Coconut Water Soap. Ready July 17.

4 Replies to “Sandstorm”

  1. Sandstorm is so pretty, Denise! It looks great despite the acceleration, and the swirly layers are gorgeous. Love those colors – they are perfect for the name. And lemongrass, orange, and sandalwood sounds like an amazing combo!


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