This is the utmost in coolness





I’ve got this linked to my web site!  Coolness! Many thanks to Lillian Newman for showing this today on her products and letting me know where to find this tool.  This handy-dandy doodad is downloaded through this site:

and you can set it to point to your web site, your facebook page, whatever!  This give all the power back to the consumer rather than forcing them to go to a computer, log on, and look up a biz by searching or typing the address into the bar, it will automatically go to your site when this little scribble is scanned.

Now shoppers can easily find all things soapy and gifty by scanning a squiggly looking box. If they have online banking as an app on their phone they can also order right there once the site’s loaded.  Technology is a wondrous thing!

If the image does not show up as anything scannable, click on the skinny lines that probably are appearing in the center of your screen.  This will open a link to the image that should be here, but doesn’t want to show up properly.  It did this once already and I deleted the post only to have the links to Twitter and Facebook showing the post looking normal.  And everything in here had been deleted!  Argh! Making it into a picture didn’t work too well either, so just ignore the weird image.  You’ll see it eventually if you try the Facebook page or Twitter.




So as my way of thanks here’a link to Lillian’s site (please bookmark, save to faves, whatever)  –

She does shows and sells online so bookmark her site or stop by if your out in her neck of the woods.


2 Replies to “This is the utmost in coolness”

    1. I will. The youngest son was impressed with their inclusion on my labels, so the coolness factor is strong. I have no problem getting to the web site when I scan it on my phone, so it works for me anyway, but that’s not the target audience, unfortunately.


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