Cream Soap!

Well, I’m just a little bit excited to be finally trying this new type of soapmaking, though was hesitant for a very long time due to the intricacy and temperamental tendency of it.  It takes a long time to make the paste, with a lot of hands-on attention, plus there’s the long wait for it to be at the actual creamy state.  Four weeks in most cases.  Never in the worst case scenario.  I followed a basic recipe, with a 50% stearic acid content as most tend to be for this kind of soap, and yet the calculator in SM3 had the KOH and NaOH figures waaaay too low.  I went back to the site where I’d picked up the outline of ingredients to use and found theirs was much higher.    Mine were 10% of the necessary requirements for the lyes!  I’m not sure why it didn’t calculate the needed levels properly, but I changed the figures on the recipe printed out and went ahead.  It’s been resting since about 3:30 this afternoon, will get one last stir to incorporate the preservative, then is set aside for a long nap for about 4 weeks.  I might need to hide it away to keep myself from peeking and worrying it to death.  I really hope this one turns out right, but only time will tell me that.  I’m so not good at this part of soapmaking.


cream soap at cook time 6/21/13
cream soap at cook time 6/21/13



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