It’s a new twist on an old idea

It took me most of the afternoon to ponder out what I wanted to do with this purse, many stops, starts, stitch ripping, unpinning, even walking away for a while because it just wasn’t happening, but eventually I fell onto a plan to make it a reversible purse this time, so that changed how it would be constructed and with  a different type of handle from the previous versions.  These were bought, not created from a spool of ribbon.  Yes, that’s kitchy and cutesy, but I wanted something a bit more traditional, slightly more modern for this one.  So, after a fun trek over to the newly relocated and expanded Hancock’s, an embarrassing moment at the check out counter when I realized I’d left my debit card at home, I was on my way home with two sets of handles that were heavy duty, sturdy, leather like without being actual leather, but rather a very heavy thick kind of twill or something.   No idea really what they are, but I liked them and wanted to try them out to see how they’d look on a purse.  I coupled a yellow & white bandana with a green, black, & white bandana, lined it with heavy-duty interfacing, made  a flat bottom on it,  looped the corners over the metal D rings of the handles, and voila, a purse.  A voila that took about 6.5 hours, but once the construction method was hit on at last, it went a little faster after that.  I gathered the long sides with a drawstring of satin ribbon in a casing.   The short ends are gathered with elastic within a casing.  It costs a bit more to make, but I like how it looks for a first time effort with this design.  There will be others, and I’d like to make one in a sling style out of some variegated raspberry, black & white bandanas I have here.  I see it in my head, but translating that mental image to an actual product is something altogether different.  I need inspiration.  Maybe it’s time to tottle through the pages of Pinterest.

Here’s today’s project to keep it alive until the right pattern comes along for the raspberry bandanas project.

Reversible two-colour bandana purse
Reversible two-colour bandana purse

2 Replies to “It’s a new twist on an old idea”

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately no, there is no pattern. It was made up as I went along. It’s simple enough to do though even without one. You just need to gather up the sides to make them create a shape you like that will close up the purse enough for privacy without restricting use.


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