Caribbean Sands – this time for sure!

Caribbean Sands up close (1024x768)I’ll lead with the image this time so the anticipation doesn’t weigh us both down.

While setting up for this one, I mismeasured the coconut oil, so the oils and the already added coconut milk & colloidal oatmeal were incorrect for this batch because it threw off the calculated amount of lye, so I poured the oils and milk/oats mixture into a clean plastic capped bottle to use in a different batch that will be done soon with a different fragrance.  Does that make it a masterbatch ?  A prebatch?  Whatever, it made me a bit mad at myself for not paying closer attention to things, but all was not lost and things went pretty smooth after that with regard to the soap.  My printer on the other hand, was another subject entirely.  More on that later.

This recipe was a revamped version on the original, with the original classic scent I love to use with this soap, but with an extra goody in the form of the luxurious addition of Mango butter.  I wanted this one to smell just like the original, so I went back to my preferred FO with Nature’s Garden, Sun and Sand, included the Tussah silk that gives it a smooth silky feel to the lather, coconut milk, colloidal oatmeal,  golden olive oil, almond oil, and coconut oil.  The colours are from The Conservatorie -Peacock Blue, White Pearl mixed with a bit of Kaolin Clay, and Chocolate Milk .  The top has a mica swirl with more of that gorgeous Peacock Blue (can you tell it’s my favorite?), a sprinkling of sugar pearls and iridescent glitter.  This is my first 4 lb batch with a new mold purchased from a fellow soaper.  So now, I have three sizes for log molds.  Now to keep my eyes open for a slab mold so I can try a peacock swirl!  lol!

This batch will be ready August 2nd, but I’ll be putting cut pics up on the web site in a few days for pre-sale.  This is a huge favorite with my family, so half of it may already be gone, so don’t think about it too long or you might have to wait for the next batch.

And now the loaf pic –

Caribbean Sands (768x1024)

Now about that printer.  It just wouldn’t print anything I sent to it.  It printed out a test page and the signal was working fine for the wireless connectivity, but when I needed to print out my recipe,  I waited, and waited, and waited and…..nothing.  To describe me as pissed is a gross understatement.  I’ve had nothing but trouble with this printer.  I’ve had to put it into the computer four times since I bought it.  And I’ve only had it for about a year.  I’ve had it with this happening when I really don’t have any time to fix it, when I most need it to function reliably. So, guess what I’ll be doing tonight?  * heavy disgusted sigh*


4 Replies to “Caribbean Sands – this time for sure!”

    1. It’s been cut and pics posted with the blog after that in the mold shot. The title is Entering with the Heart. Great open loops, Nothing fancy, but two bars had hearts in them, so that made it special. Three are already sold.


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