Entering with your heart

The cut images revealed once this batch was cut was a bit of a surprise.  The swirls were far less astounding, far more subtle, large swooping curls, and in two bars, there’s a heart.  I should’ve gone a little bit crazier with the swirling in it, I guess, but then I might not have this sweet little heart in the center of two of them, so it’s a trade off in the end.  But I so love the fragrance in these!  Like what the ocean smells like in a seaside cottage with the sheer white curtains billowing in on the sea breezes and wind chimes ring out a subtle song.  So shades of Coppertone, Banana Boat or Bullfrog tanning lotions, just the scents that occur naturally wherever sand scrunches beneath your feet, seashells glimmer in the sunlight, showing off their sunwashed colours, and soft winds blow just enough to keep you comfortable.

Caribbean Sands - cut pic 1 (768x1024)Originally the colours in these was a bit deeper, but  this wasn’t where I wanted this batch to go, so I added a bit of white Kaolin clay to them to lighten up the Chocolate Milk, aka ‘sand’, and to the blue to make it more like the pristine waters we see in the pictures to lure you to the tropical paradise to explore below the water line.  This was a nice hard bar already by this morning, due in large part to the addition of the mango butter.  This recipe makes a reasonably hard bar to begin with.  Over the span of the cure time it’s yielded a nice firm bar without the addition of any sodium lactate, though it has been included a few times, but this time I left out the SL and added the mango butter.  The reason?  There are several, the primary one being it adds a rich conditioning quality to a soap, though it’s often used to superfat, that is not how it was used here.  Its provides a lush level of creaminess to the lather of your soaps, and if  needed makes for a nice, hard bar of soap.  This will make your soap bars last longer in the bath or shower.  The harder the soap, the longer they’ll last.

I’d originally thought of using some of the new clay now in stock, a blue Australian clay, but I needed a deeper colour than a clay could provide.  With the use of just the Kaolin, this will brings a smooth glide to the lather making this a perfect soap for shaving.  So these soaps will be ready for use August 2nd, but I’ll have them on my web site as a pre-sale purchase option for now.  10 bars were made, however there are three already claimed, so just 7 remain available.  Pop in to my site – Neecy’s Necessities.com to see all the soaps currently available.  These make lovely birthday, bridal or baby shower gifts, or even Christmas presents. There are only 174 days, 11 hours and 33 minutes until Christmas.  Just sayin’.



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