Lime Basil Mandarin Ecstasy

This fragrance just completely renders me speechless, useless, and boneless.  I adore this scent!  So it had to be a really pretty soap, I had to really work on it to make it.  I decided to try out an in the pot swirl with two of the colours and leave the rest of the soap another colour.  Since the name is Lime Basil – the two green notes first, that meant there would be more green than mandarin  orange – so I used a lime green bought from another soaper in a group I belong to.  It worked beautifully!  The perfect sherbety lime colour for the soap!  I nearly wept with joy and not just a little bit of relief.  The other two colours would be a pearly white, so that was some White Pearl Mica from The Conservatorie and a light dash of Kaolin Clay siwrled in a ‘pot’ along with Peach Sunset Mica, also from Conservatorie.  It’s the soft shade of orange sherbet, swirled around with the white just a bit , in the ‘pot’, then poured close and at a height into the middle of the green.  All of the soap batter poured into the mold was swirled with a soup spoon, then the remaining bit of green was added on top, the remaining white/orange was scooped onto the top of that, and a tiny bit of the reserved white was scooped onto the top of the white/orange dollops.  Then I used a skewer to give it a pattern on the top.  This should be a very interesting swirl on the inside.  At least I’m hoping!  Fingers crossed!    Here’s the wet soap porn we soapers love to drool over –

Lime Basil Mandarin (1024x768)

This one had the oils that were poured incorrectly from the Caribbean Sands, plus avocado oil, Tussah silk, coconut milk, coconut water in place of half of the regular water, colloidal oatmeal, so it will be great to use as it is to sniff!  Don’t know if I’ll be able to bring myself to sell any of this one!  I can’t get enough of the fragrance, honestly!  Sinful!  This will be available – that is if I can let it go – August 3rd. and it should be about 10-11 bars of about 5.5 oz each initially, though curing will cause them to lose a bit of weight.


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