Coconut Lime Verbena

Despite the holiday, I’m working – but if it’s any consolation, I love my job!  Today’s little goodie is Coconut Lime Verbena.  I went a bit crazy texturizing the top, but I wanted to be a bit over the top anyway.  Success!  The fragrance oil was bought through and Cindy Gooding, who runs the site, assured me that the FO behaves very nicely.  Absolutely true!  Didn’t do anything to bring out the gremlins today.  This one has avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and a nice smooth portion of cocoa butter.  In the mix as well, is a splash of coconut milk, some cruelty free Tussah silk, and colloidal oatmeal.  Mmmm, what yummies!  The colours are Hydrated Chrome Green (BB), Iridescent Fine Glitter (BB), Kaolin clay, a small amount of TD, and Chocolate Milk (TC).  I’ve tried a small surprise for the inside and really hope it comes off okay, but I won’t find out until at least tomorrow.   We’ll see……

Here’s the log in the mold:

Coconut Lime Verbena log shot (768x1024)

and the close up that i’ll be using for the soapers challenge –

Coconut Lime Verbena close up (1024x768)


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