Sweet Tea, 2.0

I’ve treid a different way of swirling so I’m very excited about cutting up this batch in a couple of days!  I also had considered putting little lemon scented slices on the top of the loaf at measured interval so each bar would have a lemon wedge on the top, but the textured top was such a success, I changed my mind and left them off.  I’ll use them instead on a batch of lemon soap sometime.  They’ll keep.

I made this recipe once before but without the Lemon Butter, which you can buy here from Wholesale Supplies Plus-  http://tinyurl.com/q5mude2  and that version of this soap sold out, so it was time to replace it.  The fragrance oil  can be found  here at Nature’s Garden & Candles – http://tinyurl.com/pnqsj3k.

I used Tussah silk, Kaolin Clay, French Red Clay, a small amount of TD, and went lightly on the FO since some folks have headaches induced by too much fragrance.  Over time it may fade, but at least the soap remains and that alone feels wonderful.  I’ve tried every last one of my soaps and if it doesn’t cut it with me, it never sees the light of day.  You have no idea how many untimely demises you’ve been blissfully unaware of in the past five years, and it’s best that way.  Really.  I used just two colours in the main soap loaf – the Chocolate milk & Red Clay, swirled with a portion of the batter tinted with TD and the Kaolin Clay.  This swirl is a bit different too and rather difficult to describe.  I did a kind of figure eight but did it moving upwards through the batter and slightly at an angle, so the swirls will carry forward and upward through the loaf better.  There’s a tad more colour used in this batch, too so the contrast between the two will show up much more defined than the previous three batches.  The first batch used brewed tea, but I opted not to do that this time as I wanted a whiter white than the first batch had.  Here’s an image of what the top looks like and when you see it, you’ll understand why I chose not to use the lemon wedges.

close up of loaf with Lemon Drop Mica & oil swirl on top and dusting of Lemon Drop Mica.
close up of loaf with Lemon Drop Mica & oil swirl on top and dusting of Lemon Drop Mica.

I made the same size batch – a 3 lb loaf mold used, but these will be much better I think for the addition of the lemon butter since it will add that sweet, yet tart twang to the tea fragrance.  So, here’s the full loaf shot –

Full loaf shot
Full loaf shot

so you can see why I didn’t want to plop lemon wedges onto the top, now, can’t you?  I have no problem with M&P at all and love to use it for embeds and ornamentation, but this time, I just had to pass.  I love how this top looks, so it’ll stay this way and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that there’s no colour changes in store.  It’s chilling in the fridge to prevent gel and tomorrow I’ll check it to see if it’s at the right stage for cutting.  Who know maybe tomorrow, there’ll be cut pics to share.

This fragrance is a really nice one for cp soapmaking.  It doesn’t seem to have any known issues with ricing, acceleration, discoloration, seizing, or any other types of gremlins that plague many a soapmaker’s best intentions.  It’s described as being a freshly brewed tea with lemon fragrance, but my nose just isn’t picking up the lemony notes.  I smell freshly brewed tea.  Period.  Not a bad thing, though as it’s very nice, refreshing, and makes for a unique fragrance for a soap bar.  You could easily use this and add a lemonade or raspberry fragrance for a fresh summertime  twist or even the latest fad fruit – pomegranate.  NG states that in cp it discolours to yellow, so we’ll see if it does that since it might show up in this lighter batch.  The previous one was too dark due to the use of brewed tea with the lye to see a yellow discoloration.  I guess it might not matter since I used that lemon mica on the swirl.  We”ll see what happens as days pass.


As a follow-up to yesterday’s post of the making of the Sweet Tea, I thought I’d just add in the pics from this mornings cutting of the loaf and this is what I found when they were cut ~


All bars prior to web site posting
All bars prior to web site posting


I’ll definitely be doing that type of swirling motion again!  Love how it turned out!  🙂


6 Replies to “Sweet Tea, 2.0”

    1. Thanks. It was a hard call to leave them off, since they were such cute little slices and smelled so lemony sweet (Lemon Ice from WSP), but I opted to leave them off for fear that once I put them on, I’d hate it!.. A case of better safe than sorry.


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