Hot Stuff!

Old schoolers would have the Donna Summer song running through their head by now.  Come on admit it, you loved it way back when.  The golden era of disco was livin’  large at the time.  Well, the title might bring it all rushing back like a bad episode of deja vu, but this has nothing to do with disco, Donna Summer, or living fast and loose like we did in the 80’s.  No, this is more C.E. – Current Era.  Think Couture.  Juicy.  Starting to clear away the cobwebs yet?  Well, this fragrance from NG is a type of scent  that is reminiscent of those lush, full-bodied perfumes from our local ritzy department stores.  Couture Hotness is the name of it with NG and carries the notes of  raspberries & bergamot at the topmost, sifting down to magnolia and jasmine around the heart and standing firm on a base of white musk and vetiver.    They say it’s feminine and sexy, and yes, it is, though it will have its followers in a select crowd of those who like it sweet and rich.  If not, well, we’ll have to see how the CP mellows over time.  The data sheet states it has a healthy amount of vanillin in the formulation – 1.35% – so I used the vanilla colour stabilizer to prevent the browning from becoming so bad.  Hopefully it won’t affect the swirls or colours.

I used a lot of very soft oils due to the desire to be able to swirl it a certain way and I hope it turns out okay.  Had a bit of a hiccup at the beginning, but it smoothed out, the top well, it was nicely swirled enough to just leave it alone and let the slight whisper of a mantra remain instead of working it up into peaks, valleys and dips.  The iridescent glitter is absolutely necessary.  I love that one and it played very nicely off the colours used – Red Shimmering Clay Mica, Peach Sunset Mica, and Lemon Drop Mica with a slight drop or 2 of TD since the yellow was a bit too close to the Peach Sunset.  Done in several layers of these colours then done in the same swirl technique as the Sweet Tea (except for the hiccup), this type of swirl naturally ends in a slightly mantra-like top pattern, so it stayed as is.

I switched out the mango butter for a bit of avocado oil to keep it liquid enough to play with and based on the figures from SM3’s calculations, it should be a highly moisturizing soap with very stable lather, some fluffy bubbles and definitely a firm bar once it reaches the full cure date.  This will be interesting to see, but who knows how long it will take. But I like it!  Hotness!

closeup of Hot Stuff
closeup of Hot Stuff




5 Replies to “Hot Stuff!”

    1. It’s been cut already and the swirls are amazing. I tried a different kind of swirl technique and it worked out very nicely. The same technique was used in Sweet Tea, so this might be a regular feature for a while. Thanks for your very kind compliment. I really appreciate the support!


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