Hot Stuff is cut – the name is certainly appropriate

IMG_0968 (1024x768)


The colour in the pics was not enhanced.  These bars are a mix of yellow, peachy orange, and a red with some brown undertones.  The swirls turned out just exactly the way I wanted them.  This technique is one I’m sticking with for any swirl of this sort.  It does the job perfectly, even with a hiccup near the beginning.  Just a bit of a blur in the first two and only on two sides, so it wasn’t even enough to effect the overall look of the bar.   These lovelies will be ready August 12.  The fragrance is light, but in the bath or shower it always comes back out again, so it’s good that while dry it’s on the light side.  It has a forenote of raspberry, to my nose, though the hubby doesn’t smell it.  He’s probably thrown by the bergamot blended with the raspberry.  Now to cure….


6 Replies to “Hot Stuff is cut – the name is certainly appropriate”

    1. I wouldn’t mind, but have no way to hold the camera while I do it. Not enough arms. Maybe someday I’ll have one of the kiddies around (all grown ups now) and they can record it for me. Thanks! It’s not hard.


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