Some time ago, another soaper made a soap with an FO that intrigued me.  She said it smelled really sweet, lightly floral, with a bit of a citrus touch beneath the top notes.  It sounds really nice but I didn’t have it in my FO supplies stock nor did I want to buy anything new at the time.  Well, time passed, I used what I had and the cabinet was getting a bit bare, then I happened upon the Vendor Stuff for Sale group in Facebook, and found – how preordained was it? – another soaper was cleaning out her supplies and have several FOs fro sale, one of which was, Tah, Dah!  Pink Berry Mimosa.  I grabbed that baby up very quickly and tucked it away until I needed to replenish the curing rack.  I recently realized that I didn’t have a lot of full batches on my shelves anymore and it was time to restock things, preferably with some new fragrances, so I pulled out several and this was one of them.  I was really looking forward to trying this one out, the tester strip I use prior to soaping with them smelled sweet but oh so nice!  Like sugared flower petals.

It had been such a long time since that other soaper had made hers that the statement she made about how it performed was long gone, so I went to the web site, looked it up and every reviewer said it soaped or performed beautifully.  I had to just trust that it was a plays-nicely-with-others sort of fragrance oil.  I knew that with this name it would be nice to have a pink, but the one I had faded out completely in CP soap (TC lists it as being unstable in CP soap and other soapers have had it disappear in their soaps as well), so I thought, well maybe a mica swirl on the top only might stick around, so it’s worth a shot anyway.  So, I set that up, blended together a bit of Red Shimmering Clay and a dash of Kaolin Clay for the colouring of the portion of the soap to a pinkish-mauve shade and tried a blend of two  micas for a custom green  It was a lovely minty green in the tub, but once added to the soap?  Ick!  A really hideous shade of Chartreuse!, so in went a bit of the hydrated Chrome Green from Bramble Berry to save the day, which it did in splendid fashion.  These weren’t vivid colours I’d started out with so there wasn’t any worries of having too much colour in the soap to cause tinted bubbles.

I’d originally thought of making a drop pattern on the top and drag them to create hearts, but changed my mind at the last minute – mainly because I didn’t colour a lot of the soap with the pink so there wasn’t any left to do that.  So the top got textured and now it’s chilling in the fridge, but it still got a bit warm and there’s a crack in the top.  I don’t know for sure if it’s from the FO or from the scant 1/2 tsp of confectioner’s sugar in it.  I’ll need to make a note about the heating issue for future batches, but aside from that one thing, it really does soap beautifully!  No ricing, no acceleration, no discoloration.  There’s no vanillin in it, but that doesn’t prevent it from discolouring a soap.  Other factor play a part if the alteration of colour in a soap batch.

Mimosa is made with mango butter, coconut milk, apricot kernel oil, colloidal oatmeal, silk, and the fragrance is from Wholesale Supplies Plus.  So, this little beautify will be ready for direct purchase August 17, but pre-order can be placed by email.  Drop me a note and I’ll send you an invoice close to the ready date, meantime the bars you request are locked in as yours!


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