Life’s a Beach

Life's a Beach - close up (768x1024)


This one had a slightly different formulation, replacing the olive oil with apricot kernel oil, and no other hard waxes, butters, or oils since I was not sure if the FO would speed up on me while I tried to do a swirl in the mold, but it really doesn’t speed up at all.  IF you use a whisk or spatula to blend the FO into the soap, it will speed up less than it will if stick blended.  Its incredibly soothing as scents go,  like a suntan lotion, not too heavy on the coconut end but still enough to elicit an “mmmmm” when you catch a whiff on a light breeze.  I had the chance to get close in in the photo as well, so this was a learning curve in the photography skills as well.  The same colour  was used throughout – Peacock Blue Mica from The Conservatorie, a huge favorite with me, and seemed appropriate to use with this FO.  The top had a mica swirl, then the surface was dusted with Bramble Berry’s Fine Iridescent Glitter – you can buy this here:, another personal favorite.  Thank you. Bramble Berry for carrying such a wonderful glitter!  It really pops on bright coloured soaps!

The fragrance, as mentioned earlier was a dupe of Bobbi Brown’s Beach, and is sold here:  It doesn’t accelerate, rice, discolour, or seize in CP soap.  If you plan to use multiple colours, I’d suggest adding the FO last after colours have been added, but before you’ve poured into the mold.  Stir the FO into the soap thoroughly with a whisk (careful not to incorporate air bubbles!) or long handles spoon, I have noticed that colours will sometimes start firming up in the pouring containers faster than the base colour.  Not sure why that is unless I’m stirring or stick blending longer to evenly blend the colours into the soap.  Still this fragrance is a wonderful beachy scent if you tend to lean toward those that smell more like suntan oils/lotions than the fragrance of tropical flowers or oceanic notes.

This batch has the additions of colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk for a really creamy lather and feel, Kaolin White Clay.  I meant to add in some Australian Washed Blue Clay but forgot to add it in.  Next time!

Life's a Beach - full shot (768x1024)


Soapmaker 3 gave me the following characteristics for this batch :

Hardness: 5.3

Fluffy Lather: 4.9

Stable Lather: 5.6

Moisturizing: 6.8

This figures are based on a scale of ten.  The soap was a bit on the soft side a bit longer than previous batches, so if/when I do this one again, I might consider adding a bit of sodium lactate to prevent stickiness or too long a soft stage.

IMG_1004 (1024x768)


I’ve been switching it up in the formulation of various soaps recently just to see what else can be achieved as far as lathering, moisturizing, and firmness.  So far, the results have been very good, and there are a few more I’d like to try, one including a recent addition to my oils – peach kernel oil – and see how that turns out.  I’ve used it in one recent batch already, but it’s not ready for a wash test yet, so I’ll have to wait and see how this new oil works out.  The information sounds good.  It’s said to be great for aging skin, prematurely aging skin or sensitive skin.  It’s packed with antioxidants, Vitamin E & A, and also natural preservatives.  Using this oil, however, is never a substitute for using preservatives in your lotions, or other Bath & Body formulations that include water somewhere in their production.  If using water anywhere in your items, please use a separate preservative such as Optiphen.  Several suppliers sell preservatives in many different sizes, so please use them to prevent anything from developing in your lovely products that renders them unusable.  You’ve worked too hard on your products to have to toss them out because they went moldy.

You can find Peach Kernel Oil here:   It’s a golden yellow colour, but it doesn’t appear to be too strong a colour that it can’t be overcome with the addition of titanium dioxide or other colours.  Clays aren’t quite enough to conquer it, however, but that doesn’t mean you should leave them out.   Quite the contrary in fact.  I love adding clays to most of my soaps to give them a smooth glide when using it in the shower for shaving.

All in all, this is a wonderful fragrance to use, highly recommend it, and this batch will be ready for shipping out for orders placed by August 18th.  There are 10 bars available at present and will be sold for $6 each.  Check my web site by Monday evening, July 21st for their listing.  I accept pre-orders through email only, so if you are interested in purchasing this soap, please email me at the following address:



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