Orange- finally!

For a couple of months I’ve been wanting to make an orange or orangey soap, but just had too many other things to do, some of which weren’t even soaping but the paper work that is the bane of my existence. Now that Quicken is installed, labels are done for all that have been made thus far, and the bars on the curing rack have all been nicely beveled, it’s time to ponder the possibilities of orange.

I’ve bought a fabulous-smelling essential oil from a rep that supplied me with Blood Orange Essential oil from Lillian Newman’s stock, so you know it was a good one! Everyone knows about her essential oils being top of the line, yet affordable. And orange is a bright, fresh fragrance, that brings sunshine to mind, orange groves, the hum of bees in the air somewhere just out of sight, and light breezes fragranced with orange blossoms and green grass.

This is the image I see in my head when I thing of orange fragranced anything. There’s a swap group that I joined some time back but I rarely ever make enough bars in a batch to be able to swap with a group of people, so I worked up a blend of Blood Orange, a bit of Sweet Orange, a splash of Valencia Orange, and the warmth of sandalwood beneath to keep it down to earth for a soap. I’ve planned to try a different method of incorporating the coconut water to prevent the discoloration that’s so common with using anything that contains some sugars. I’m going to add it later, after the lye water has already been blended into the oils and reached a very light trace or just before. Coconut milk will also be used but at the regular time in the process. I’ve adjusted the water requirements to allow for these additional liquids as well as the fragrance near the end.

Colour – I’m using titanium dioxide, some Kaolin Clay, Peach Sunset Mica from Conservatorie, and a bit of Hydrated Chrome Green from Bramble Berry. They’re all reliable colours that stick, never morph, though sometimes it seems like titanium dioxide speeds things up a bit, while at others it seems to be the other colours that speed it up. The fragrance will go in dead last to prevent anything from accelerating too much.

My flower beds are a diasaster and desperately need weeding, so I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to make this huge stash of orangey soaps, but hopefully this Sunday will be a good day to try. It’s supposed to be rainy, so that’ll prevent us from doing any sort of yard work. Thought it is my twins’ birthday – their 25th – they’ll be spending it with siblings at the zoo and I’m counting on hearing lots of stories about what a great time they all had together.

This is my crew –

L-R: Brent (33), Ashley(28), Kyle & Joshua (25)
L-R: Brent (33), Ashley(28), Kyle & Joshua (25)


What a fun bunch of young people they are.  They’ve kept my life filled with laughter for decades!  The boys are the real cutups in the bunch, but Ashley sets them all straight with The Look – a technique honed by her mommy that she’s inherited and honed to perfection.  This was from a huge collection of photos done by a very talented photographer in Durham, NC.  His name, if you want to look him up for your next big event in need of capturing for posterity, is Timothy Fields.   You can find him here    This was my Mother’s Day gift from my children in 2012.  What a wonderful gift it was, too!  I’m still finding more ways to enjoy them.  




2 Replies to “Orange- finally!”

  1. I hope you’ll post a photo of the cut bars! I just bought some Peach Sunset mica but haven’t used it yet, and would love to see how it comes out. Love your description of blood orange eo, too – mmmm!


    1. I’ve used it many times in various soaps. I’m sure there’s at least one or two in here already with it in there, but it works perfectly in cp soap, no morphing, just a lovely peachy-orangey colour depending on how much you use. You’ll really enjoy using it!


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