Sultry Orange

After the first batch didn’t work out – personal sidebar: never stop soaping if hubby asks what kids are up to right now – so, I pulled out the recipe, pulled out the ingredients, reached for my new swirling tool (see below), pulled up my big girl pants and went at it one more time.

My new soaping swirler –

Swirly tool
the new swirling tool

Don’t know what they’re actually called – spraw, stroon?  No clue, but the long tube of the straw, which is very rigid, is perfect for dipping down into the soap and getting to the bottom of the loaf without risking getting too close the the soap’s surface and messing it up.  Once this comes out in a day or two, we’ll see how good it worked.

I didn’t use many hard oils at all in this one – actually just the coconut, so it stayed nice and loose the entire time I was working with it.  I thought it might move a bit faster with the citrus notes being such a heavy percentage of the fragrance, but it was very loose for a surprisingly long time.  Maybe a bit too long.  Hmmm….   But it gave me time to clean up a bit and get things cleared off the table so another onerous task could take the place of this very fun one.  Taxes.  Yes, that inevitable duty that’s as ongoing as death.  Fortunately – or maybe not so fortunately – my biz is still very small, so not much to report there, so it was very quick work.  Filed and paid online and done for another 3 months.  😀

Anywho, back to the soap….

The first batch had far too high a percentage of hard oils/butters for the amount of swirling and texturizing I wanted to do, so now we’ll have more than a dozen slightly orange scented soaps to use up in coming months/years.  The batch heated up quite a bit too, so much of the fragrance is gone, sorry to say, except for along the outside surfaces and edges, and the colours, well, they’re much too pale.  Since it started firming up in the pot before I could get back to it to stir it, thanks to the long conversation with the hubby, it was too far advanced in the setting up process for me to do anything pretty with it, even if it would’ve shown up, so I suppose it’s just as well, that the colours aren’t there all that much.  I started to snap a picture, but didn’t want to leave a trail of disasters to be used against me one day, so it’ll go quietly into the annals of time and be lost to obscurity eventually.

This batch from today had fewer of the hard oils, upped the amounts of the soft oils, to make the batch big enough to fill the 3 lb mold nicely, coloured it with a Peach Sunset Mica from The Conservatorie, a small part of it with Hydrated Chrome Green from Bramble Berry, and another part lightened with Titanium Dioxide.  It wouldn’t have needed much TD at all if I hadn’t used coconut water,  but it turns orange when mixed with lye, and I had also added a light sprinkling of Orange Peel Powder from Nature’s Garden for some light exfoliation.  The FO Indian Sandalwood gave the fragrance the deeper, mellower note and this FO is from Nature’s Garden and Candles, too.  The FO/EO Blend of Valencia is from WSP as is the Sweet Orange FO, and the essential oil of Tangerine was bought in a Whole Foods near my home.  The ratio was about 3:1 orange to sandalwood.  Just mellow, not dusky or dark, or too smoky, just mellower.

I added in the usual added goodies of colloidal oatmeal and coconut milk in addition to the coconut water, and added a bit of buttermilk powder as well, plus Tussah silk, which I use from a supplier that sells sustainably gathered silk. There’s Apricot Kernel, Avocado, Coconut, and Almond oils in this as well, so you can see why it was slow to thicken!  But oh the fun I had!  As thin as it was, I wonder how the swirls will turn out.  It’s kind of strange though that some colours thicken up faster than others.  The green was still very thin, but the white was right where it should be for texturizing, swirling, etc.  The Peach was somewhere in the middle of them.  The results should be interesting when it’s finally at a cuttable firmness in oh about 3 weeks.  No,  not really!  Just kidding.  Sultry Orange (768x1024) Sultry Orange Macro (768x1024)

The top has two mica trails – one in Diamond Dust from NG and also an orange mica I bought from another soaper who was doing a bit of spring cleaning of her supplies cabinet.    The swirl is the new one that I like to do so much now for cp soaping.  It was also done in Sweet Tea and in the Hot Stuff soaps recently if you want to refer back to those for what this swirl looks like, go  to my posts for Hot Stuff or Sweet Tea.  When done, the tops looks close to a mantra swirl, though that was just serendipitous but it’s a nice little plus.  This batch is now chillaxin’ in the fridge to prevent gel or overheating that could cause cracks.   The coconut water  has some sugars in it, as does the coconut milk does too, though not quite as much. In addition, I added a small amount of confectioner’s sugar to this soap to boost the bubble factor a bit.  I don’t think it will crack considering how soft it was, but I’m keeping an eye on it for a while until it’s firm enough and cooled in there long enough that a hovering hand doesn’t detect any heat from it.  It has a very nice, warm, slightly smoky, or slightly earthy-orangey fragrance to it, so it might be even nicer once it’s out of the mold and drying on the curing rack.   This is going to be categorized as a Specialty soap in my web site due to the addition of the coconut water.  Look for it soon here  or here.   Yes, I do have a Facebook store front, but it’s VERY limited, and I don’t push many items through there since space is limited by forces outside of my control.  This is why I don’t provide links to the Facebook Store.  Use my NCSM or Neecy’s sites for your Bath & Body needs, Christmas shopping, baby or bridal showers, and you will not regret it.


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