Goodreads listing of Soap Maker’s Workshop & review

Soap Maker's Workshop: The Art And Craft Of Natural Homemade SoapSoap Maker’s Workshop: The Art And Craft Of Natural Homemade Soap by Robert S. McDaniel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was an excellent book for anyone who makes soap or just wants to make it someday. It’s clear, easy to read, has plenty of pictures to show you exactly what your soap should look like at benchmarks throughout the process. The same cannot be said for many other books I’ve read on the subject! This is a must own book for anyone seriously working in the soapmaking craft. The recipes in the back are simple, many with only 3 or 4 ingredients, though others are a bit more complex. A DVD come with the book, which I cannot comment on as I’ve yet to view it, but it’s a video on the entire process of making a batch of soap. Once I’ve finished the text part of the book and devoured the recipes, making notes here and there, I’ll be sure to watch the video, even if I’ve already made many batches of soap, it helps to watch others to see how they work and if my own technique can be improved. This is a learning curve and Mcdaniel’s book is certainly taking it up a great deal!

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