A quick note on redesigning packaging



Revised packaging, minimal back (800x600)Revised packaging, minimal Front (800x600)








This is a quick & dirty redux of the packaging for the solid soaps that I’ve been working on this afternoon.  There was little movement in a site my soaps are listed with and a fellow soaper I respect a great deal was thinking that perhaps it’s because the soap’s petty swirls and design, are covered up too much, preventing the appearance from being a big selling point.  So I pulled out the labeling & crafting supplies and came up with this design.  There’s absolutely nothing left to the imagination except for that small portion beneath the fragrance name on the soap.  The hang tag is my business card and the ingredients are listed on the back of it.  All bases are covered, I think,  If you can think of anything I’ve left out, please tell me!  I always like to have feedback on the things I make.  It allows for growth and makes me stretch a bit more, explore new possibilities.  This manner of packaging will also allow customers to be able to smell the soap better, too.  So she was right and a redesign was in order.  What do you think?


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