Blush Fig

The fragrance is Black Mission Fig, with a sweet fruity fig fragrance, like they’re hanging on the branches underneath a sunny clear summer sky, the bees droning lazily in the blooms above, the earthy green scent of the stems underlying the fruit’s fragrance, rounding it out just enough to give a well-balanced scent that’s memorable yet seductive.  To this lovely blend of sweet goes the wonderful extras of colloidal oatmeal, Kaolin clay, coconut milk, and a healthy heaping spoonful of shea butter and instead of the usual almond oil, vitamin-rich avocado oil was used in its place.  This is one healthy bar of soap!  The clay coupled with the silk will give it a silky smooth glide, while the avocado oil and colloidal oatmeal will pamper the skin outrageously, as it richly deserves.  There’ s also the lushness of the coconut milk to boost the lather’s creaminess, to make it a genuinely decadent experience.  I’d love to have a sample of this to try out once it’s ready.  Sadly, that won’t be until October 7th!  Nuts!  But I’ll definitely give it a try when that day arrives.

I don’t know that I’ve ever looked so forward to fall as I am this year, though even saying that deeply shocks me.  I’m a to-the-tiniest-molecule-of-my-being summer girl.  Love the warmth of the sun, the drone of the bees, the chirp of the birds and singing of the treefrogs and crickets at dusk.  That’s a balm to the soul.  Somehow though, there’s something indefinably different about this year, though what it is, I cannot put  a name to.  This leaves me more than a little unsettled, yet it’s nice to look forward to fall rather than look at it with the dread of previous years and the ensuing depression that inevitably followed.   Not severe as in the clinical sense.  Just sad to see summer coming to a close.  However, this year’s different somehow and I haven’t the foggiest what made that change.  Well, I won’t over-think it, just roll with it and see what comes around the next bend in the road life takes me on.

The soaps are getting interesting for sure.  I’ve added some earthy, decadent, subtle, rich, light, scents to the lineup for this Fall/Winter 2013 season.  I used to stick with light and floral and a bit of fruity, but not anymore.  There were the occasional ventures into wildly dangerous – case in point Black Pearl made with black tea and fragranced with Queen of the Nile FO from Nature’s Garden – but not too often.  I was in a rut.  I’ve extended my reach with regard to suppliers, too.  I’ve gone with one I know from a group in Facebook who’s taken over for another soaper who sold fragrance oils online but sadly passed a little over a year ago.  She’s fast, reliable, the prices are great and gives great customer service when so few do that well.  You can find her site here –  She has a page in the site called Gauging Interest.  This helps her to know which oils not currently in stock are being sought the most by soapers and how much is needed.  Once the interest level reaches a point where it’s viable to offer it on the In Stock page, she orders the stock and it’s offered as soon as it arrives, is bottled up, and posted to the site.  She has some fantastic fragrances listed, several of which I offer in my web site in various forms and they’ve all sold extremely well.  They stick, they rarely discolour, though that will depend on the content of the fragrance oil, and so far not a single episode of ricing, seizing, or acceleration.  I tend to soap very cool anyway, so that helps prevent those typical soaping gremlins from staging an all out attack.

Our newest acquisitions to the fragrance line are, to date:

Black Mission Fig (which I’ve called Blush Fig in the soap made yesterday and is shown in the pic on this posting)

Blackberry Musk

Blue Topaz

Frankincense & Teak

Those above are from

The following are from another supplier I’ve never ordered from before, but her scents intrigued me, so I’m going to try them and see how they do.  Here’s my first go ’round with her fragrances:

Midsummer Night

Celestial Sea

Witches Brew

Those listed just above are from Moonworks Collection, unique fragrance oils, which I felt was perfectly suited to my tastes, which are best described as unique by those who know me best and are being diplomatic.  Her site is in Etsy and you can find her here.  She ships very quickly, has a great selection, and her prices are very reasonable.  I’m still in the plotting stages of how to use the one I plan to make first, so no further discussion on this topic until it’s set.  But if you’re in the market for fragrances, please keep these two suppliers in your short list as they’re so nice to work with and will probably have just what you’re looking for.

So, without any further ado, here’s the Blush Fig~

Blush Fig (using Black Mission Fig FO)
Blush Fig (using Black Mission Fig FO)

6 Replies to “Blush Fig”

  1. Your Blush Fig soap sounds decadent with all those wonderful ingredients you’ve put in! The fragrance sounds really good too! I checked out the link you provided for soapmakingfragranceoils and I noticed her fragrances are practically the same as another supplier’s, but cheaper! I have not bought anything from that other supplier but have just been browsing. Thank you for sharing the link. It’s good to know many reliable suppliers and it’s always fun to browse through the different fragrances! 🙂
    I have also recently bought from moonworks although I have not used them yet. OOB, I like most of the f.o.s I ordered but I’m smelling something off with the celestial sea. Just wondering what your opinion is or what your nose is picking up from it? She does ship out very quickly and replies to queries immediately which is always much appreciated.


    1. Scent is so subjective. What I smell in an fo might be altogether different from what you smell. That said, I’ll try to asnwer your question about the Celestial Sea. When I smell CS in the bottle it smells strongly of evergreens – not pine. Juniper? Something fir like maybe. It’s a cool almost grey fragrance. Watery notes, moss, green notes, very little floral, though there is some with maybe Jasmine are the foremost that I smell. Try this when testing out the scent of your fragrances. Don’t smell them straight up in the bottle. Get some 4×6″ index cards. Cut them into 1 cm wide strips lengthwise. Dip that strip into the FO and leave it alone for several hours. Tape it to the outside of the bottle and come back to it over a period of days. Yes, it will still be there. The scent you smell on that strip is a better measure of what the scent truly is and will be in something you make. The scent will vary depending on the ingredients you use in cp soaps, but there’s nothing you can put into cp soap – barring neem that is – that could ruin Celestial Sea. I honestly love this fragrance and can hardly wait to try it out. It’s not the first one I plan to do of hers. I’ve got a bottle of Witches brew, too, that’s first up. Tomorrow!

      Hope that helps. Have a great night and thanks for responding. I love to hear from folks who actually read my blog. That always surprises me and thrills me not just a little bit.


      1. Thank you for answering my question and for the tip on how to properly test fragrances. I will try it on the Celestial Sea because I am smelling something quite off-putting but I know it is a popular fragrance and the description sounds really nice.
        I enjoy reading blogs very much, especially those that have been written with much thought put into them. 🙂


  2. Gorgeous swirls, Denise! That sounds like a lovely scent, too. I am very much looking forward to autumn. Summer always fills me with dread – it’s too darn hot and it seems to last forever, especially here in the south!


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