Witchy Woman!

The first thing I learned with this fragrance going into today’s soaping batch is don’t use the stabilizer and mix it together with a frother.  It thickens up to a paste-like consistency.  Not good. Lesson learned with regard to Witches Brew from Moonworks.  It made me cough quite a bit too when mixed with the stabilizer, so that can’t be a good sign either, so that bit got tossed and I repoured a fresh amount without any stabilizer mixed into it.  The batch will have some stabilizer I just added it to the oils instead.  Also added to the oils to make up the difference in the amount of liquid was a smidge of sodium lactate.  With any kind of luck this will firm up the soap, preventing gel while it does that, and give a nice hard bar as a result without a bulls-eye.

This FO, with loads of spices, is a strong one, one that you might want to use a slight amount of, not even close to the recommended amount.  It might prevent it from darkening up too much, too, if less is used.  Being a 2-lb batch, the amount of FO is closer to 1/2 oz than a full ounce ppo due to its strength.  This version of Witches Brew is described as a dark patchouli-based scent, not a dupe of anything else, so if you’re looking for a dupe of the Yankee Candle scent, this is NOT where you’ll find it.  This one is a whole new species, a unique blend and is describe on the web site as follows:

“…a bewitching combination of sweet dark spices tossed generously with close and lots of earthy dark patchouli.  Add to the pot a pinch of resinous cedarwood entangled in a web of fiery cinnamon and sweet violets.  A lusty robust fragrance with gypsy appeal”

– so if you’re looking for something that will make you stand up and take notice, and BE noticed, this is probably a really good start.   This is a warm, earthy fragrance that would be wonderful in tart melts or candles, but definitely NOT in body wash.  Liquid soaps would stay on the skin a bit too long, and with the level of spiciness, this would be a bit too much.  It would be delicious with apple, pear or pumpkin scents plus if you throw in some pureed pumpkin, that would make it like a pumpkin pie in a bar!  Bazinga!

The colours are the Halloween faves of purple, orange, white, and green.  They are Hydrated Chrome Green from Bramble Berry,  Magic Violet from The Conservatorie, Peach Sunset from The Conservatorie, and a splash of Titanium Dioxide for contrast and to hopefully offset the discolouration that could occur.  If it doesn’t, well, hey, we’ll have a nice white bar in between the lively colours.   The bit of  SL might prevent the gel, but it might still go into the fridge for a bit anyway.  just to be on the safe side.   Plus, it’s just what I do.

This soap has all the usual yummies of colloidal oatmeal, Tussah Silk, olive, almond, coconut & avocado oil, and coconut milk, but with all those good things, it just has to be bad, so the Witches Brew will get it headed over to the Dark Side.

Witchy Woman without glitter
Witchy Woman without glitter


Witchy Woman with glitter
Witchy Woman with glitter

8 Replies to “Witchy Woman!”

    1. Hope so! It was a very loose pour, so it took forever to get something done with the top, but the swirling should be a better drop style this time. It was also layered to ensure it reached the bottom. Hope it’s as bewitching inside.


    2. It looked really pretty in the mold, then it was removed and I hated the swirls, – too muddled and I dropped one of the bars and the scent is way too strong. This FO will be blended with other notes mainly fruits. If you try this one, use fruits to blend with it and go low on the amount you use. This was too much and it looks okay outside but is way too much inside. Back to the drawing board with this one.


      1. Sorry to hear that it didn’t go as you had hoped for. I hope it will be perfect the next time. I made a batch with a new fragrance (Aqua Pier 1 from Elements Bath and Body) last night, and it riced on me. Smells good though.


        1. Thanks! So you know the troubles with soaping gremlins. Ugly little buggers and no friend to either of us. Did you try stick blending it more to get it past the ricing? Some have had success with that.

          As for perfection – one can only dream.

          My ‘nose’ came home and helped me out with the choices for fruity notes to add into the Witches Brew to smooth out its rough edges. I’m going to go with something a bit beryy-like but with a bottom note of vanilla, so stabilizer will be necessary. DOn’t like colour changes unless their my idea. We’ll see how it works out. Time to play “Mad Chemist” and formulate a blend of the two and see what can be concocted.


          1. Oh yeah, i’ve had my share of gremlins. Sometimes they show up 2 weeks later to destroy perfectly beautiful soap like what happened to my layered tomato and rosemary soap. Somehow the color of the tomato crept all the way up and discolored the green and white layers! Argh!!
            I stick blended the riced soap and while it smoothened out a bit, it became so thick. It was not a complete failure but it does not look as neat as I’d like it to be.
            Good luck on playing the mad chemist! I hope you’ll have a lot of fun in the process! 🙂
            In the meantime, let’s just dream on with achieving perfection. 🙂


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