Cerulean Sea

Today’s batch was a 3-lb loaf using my favorite oils, the original 3 I’d narrowed my soap recipes down to for use with nearly every soap batch I make now and used an FO from Moonworks Collection called Celestial Sea.  It’s described as oceanic, aquatic, ozonic, with marine notes of salt, sand & driftwood coupled with middle florals of lily rose, jasmine, and violet.  Personally I’ve never heard of lily rose before, but the fragrance, while OOB isn’t as appealing as one might think given its name, over time it slowly evolves into this heady aromatic dream of water, sea, watery flowers, and mossy banks.  The end result on a tester strip of paper left to oxidize for about four days was expensive perfume.  Very sophisticated, stylish, & quietly eloquent.   So I’m hoping that cold process will not take it over into a heavier, sharper place as a result of exposure to the high pH of soaping.

Cerulean Sea close up (800x600)

Given the name, it’s inevitable that it should have water colours, so I went with a favorite from The Conservatorie , Peacock Blue mica.  Contrasting it with a white and adding the usual delectible goodies of Tussah silk, colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk and a soothing, healthy splash of aloe juice just for an extra punch of goodness.  This fo soaped like a sweet dream – no acceleration, no ricing, no discolouration, no seizing, just pure smooth soaping all the way through from start to finish.  I even had time to tidy up a bit between steps!  I tend to soap very cool and the aloe juice was frozen so that helped prevent the floral notes from causing any issues.  (It also stopped the heat of the lye water from turning the aloe juice orange!)   If you are in the market for some truly one-of-a-kind fragrances, Moonworks is THE PLACE to go!  They have some very interesting ones, so give them a try.  Soap with small batches initially though just in case your temps run higher than mine or you use more firm oils/butters.

The tops are drizzled with a tiny bit of a mica swirl with Diamond Dust mica from Nature’s Garden and Candles and a glycerin swirl and glycerin drops with a bit more of the Peacock Blue from TC, then lightly dusted with Fine Iridescent Glitter from Bramble Berry.  The inside has the Figure – 8 swirl used in the Sweet Tea and Hot Stuff soap bars in previous posts.

On another note from the Witchy Woman soap batch run on Tuesday.  It’s very clear that the FO as is is much too strong to use by itself.  The soap is too pungent of spices and while some might like that, your skin probably won’t be so overjoyed with it.  I’ve tried out blending a few fruity notes into it – peach, black raspberry vanilla, blackberry musk or orange-grapefruit.  The top fave so far is orange, though when my ‘nose’ gets home I might have to pull him into working on that for me, if he’s up to it.  I trust his judgement implicitly on all matters olfactory because he’s never once failed to find the right blend, level of intensity or how to change it out to something altogether different and be better off for it.    Don’t know how he does it!  Love that Roman nose of his!  So to get back to the subject, that batch of Witchy Woman, since it was a very small batch , will not be going out into the ether.  It will be revised and reworked to make it much more pleasing to our noses and our skin.  You’ll see it again soon, just in a very different light.


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