Warm Teakwood

This one has a warm, mellow fragrance – a bit masculine, though perfect for either men or women.  The fragrance holds notes of vanilla, orchids, oakmoss, teakwood, orris root, sandalwood, acacia wood, amber and is so smooth, you’ll drift away on a dreamy cloud of woodland splendour.  What a bath & body wash this would make!  I’ll have to try some in some of my body wash soon.  But I digress….

The soap itself is built with the favorite oils, of almond, coconut and olive, with full coconut water, which I froze in hopes of avoiding the orangey discolouration it did just being chilled, but it still turned an odd colour.  Instead the orange, it went red being frozen.  Odd.  Still it didn’t have any effect on the colours used, though it should be stated for the record that I did use TD and some white kaolin clay.  Still once the sb started its work, the colour was nearly normal despite the vivid beginnings. It could be said that it does prevent the orange discolouration – it just goes red instead.  :/  *sigh*

This batch also includes Tussah silk, which, btw, doesn’t dissolve very well in the ice cubes & lye.  Still, I like how it turned out.  The colours were Chocolate Milk Mica, Peach Sunset Mica, & Magic Violet Mica from The Conservatorie, Hydrated Chrome Green and Iridescent Fine Glitter from Bramble Berry, and Titanium Dioxide from Soap Making Resource.  The fragrance stated it could discolour a bit, so I included a small amount of vanilla stabilizer just in case.

Had one slight hiccup in this one’s design.  It set up before I could texturize the top.  Accident.  I got distracted helping someone with their newly installed SM3 and lost track of time.  By the time I’d gotten the steps posted that she’d needed, it was already set up too much to mess with any more.  *sigh*  Computers.  Sometimes they’re too distracting for our own good.  I was able to throw a little iridescent glitter over it and it was a bit better, not quite so bland.  I dunno – what do you think….

If not, well I could brush off some of the glitter later.

Warm Teakwood
Warm Teakwood


Its real name from the web site is Frankincense & Teak.  It’s a wonderful fragrance to soap with – no acceleration, no ricing, slight discolouration though, but it really does give you plenty of time to let you be as playful as you want to be with the soap.  It’s a warm, mellow, easy one the senses fragrance that isn’t too floral.  More like warm woods.  The FO can be found here – the same place the Black Mission Fig is from which is also a fabulous, fruity scent for a nice departure from florals!  Stop in and check out what she has to offer.  You will NOT regret a single purchase and she truly does treat her customers like her first and only concern.     I hope to be buying quite a few more of her fragrance in the very near future, so keep tuned in and we’ll show you something new as soon as it’s ready.

As for this batch – well, it should yield 8 bars and will be ready for shipping October 22, 2013.  It will go in the web site probably around Monday afternoon under Pre-Order Soaps initially.

PS:  I still have another FO from her that has yet to be soaped as well as flat booze cubes in my freezer that needs to be used, too.    Just sayin’.  😀




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