The latest Blingies

I’ve been at it again, making Blingies for the web site just in time for the holidays!  Here’s the latest earrings  freshly minted and already listed on our Gifts & More page, found here.


Captured in Amber (600x800) Earth Mother (600x800) Green With Envy (600x800) Pearlescence (600x800)


The Pearlescence earrings are the Swan of the group – thanks to their Swarovski crytals, and the frosted glass beads give them a touch more sophistication.   I could easily see someone with pretty green eyes wanting to wear the Green With Envy dangles (like my pretty green eyed daughter) to bring those eyes out into the spotlight where they belong.   Captured in Amber are crafted with beads that are not actually of amber but amber coloured glass with swirls of red throughout to give the look of something captured in time in the time capsule that amber truly is.  Earth Mother is my simple set – basic earth tones, small beads, keeping it simple and understated for those times when too much is not appropriate, but a little something is more than enough.  I had such fun with these and now will look forward to putting together even more designs for decorating the ears, wrists, and swan-like necks of those who need to glam it just a bit.


Now I’m off to study up on how to craft some bracelets, necklaces and of course, more earrings!  Happy Monday all!

Sweet Tea #3

What is it that is said – “Third time’s the charm”, well yeah boy, it’s charmed alright!  I made a restock of the Sweet Tea but used a different version of Sweet Tea FO at the suggestion of another soaper and tried a different supplier for it.  This one has a different turn on the scent.  Maybe a bit sweeter?  She says it is anyway.  Without a side-by-side, it’s hard for me to say for sure, but she’s probably right about it being sweeter.  The original FO I used was wonderful, had a tiny amount of vanillin in it, but nothing serious enough to warrant the use of a stabilizer.  I must admit, though I love the one used in the first two batches, this one’s a winner, too.  It’s a very good representation of what freshly brewed tea smells like, though not much in the way of lemon, but the soap I made today might have more that it would have otherwise since I used a bit of WSP’s Lemon Butter, made with lemon extract and Sweet Almond oil whipped to an emulsion and thickened to a butter stage.  It’s been used in the previous batches, too, so nothing new there.  But it lends a nice hint of lemon to the soap without having to add an additional FO to it.

The colours were again the Chocolate Milk mica from The Conservatorie, a bit of titanium dioxide to lighten up the soap’s base colour and a bit of TC’s Lemon Drop, yeah the same one that turned orange and later went back to yellow in Honeybee, but since it will go back to yellow eventually, I’m not going to panic.  Yet.  The glitter on the top is a new one.  It’s one of the samples from TKBTrading that was purchased recently.  This one’s called Celestial Sun.  A pretty, glistening brilliant gold that really sparkles in the sunshine.  Love it!  You’ll have to try them out sometime!  It also gave me a chance to try out the little glitter shakers – little glass salt & pepper shakers meant for catering large numbers of people/tables.  They’re tiny little square shakers about 1″ square.  Found them in Walmart and the holes looked big enough to allow the larger glitter to filter through, so tested that theory today and it worked like a charm.

Sweet Tea in the sunshine

Sweet Tea in the sunshine

Sweet Tea out of the sun for the colour correction

Sweet Tea out of the sun for the colour correction

To be honest, I have no idea what this will look like once it’s cut.  I hope it turns out nicely.  It was very loose, so it can cause a problem blending the colours together too much, muddying them, if it’s more of a blending stage than a swirling stage.  I was literally pacing the room waiting for it to firm up enough to work with.  Rarely has that happened!  Usually it’s a race to the finish line and the soap typically wins, but not so this time.  We’ll see.

So here’s the breakdown of what was used:

The Conservatorie:  Chocolate Milk Mica, Lemon Drop Mica,

Wholesale Supplies Plus:  Sweet Tea Twist Fragrance Oil, Lemon Butter

Essential Bath & Body: Titanium Dioxide


Brewed Black Tea (can also use white or green tea or Celestial Seasonings flavored teas)

Columbus Foods:  Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil,

Tussah Silk, Colloidal Oatmeal, Kaolin White Clay, Coconut milk.

You might be thinking “Why would anyone want to smell like tea?” but think about it, why does anyone want to smell like Creme Brulee, or chocolate, or coffee, for some of the other popular fragrances out there?  Because it’s fun , it mixes it up a bit, departs from the ordinary, brings the comfort of home with you.  I find it invigorating yet still imparts a sense of peace  along with it.  Seems a contradiction, but that’s what I get from it.  You might take away something else altogether different, so try it and find out for yourself.


UPDATE:  This batch has been cut now, yielding 11 bars.  The new design is different, though not my favorite.  We’ll see what the future holds for this style, in the meantime, enjoy a bit of soap porn as we soapers like to call it.


Sweet Tea Silk Soap - yellow and chocolate coloured mica swirls on white background.

Sweet Tea Silk Soap – yellow and chocolate coloured mica swirls on white background.

Covering all the bases

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

First I need to state here that I’ve ignored one of the recently made soaps on my business Facebook page so when this gets published to that page it will effectively cover that gap.  I made a really nice,  large batch of silk soap with pumpkin puree and pumpkin seed oil in it, and for one reason or another it was never posted onto the business page.  Should have been, but then shoulda/woulda/coulda, we’ve all done that a time or two.  I’m probably worse at it than others, even though I try not to be.  Oh well.  So it’s made with that delightful oil filled with lots of vitamins and antioxidants, pumpkin seed oil, making it ideal for skin that’s been through it all, and the colour is a lovely golden yellow colour.  The soap was additionally enriched with pumpkin puree, which of course was that perfectly pumpkinny orange colour, so that worked out well for the overall look of the soap.  Ideally we want our pumpkin soaps to have orange in it, otherwise, what’s the point, correct?  Another thing that is unique to this batch is that it was divided into two molds and the molds were swirled in two different techniques, one in a Mantra (that is mostly at the tops, and the other was done in the Infinity Swirl I love to do so much.  If you want to know what the Infinity Swirl is, pop me a message and I’ll tell you, otherwise, I won’t bore you with the soapy details.

So I’m pleased to now have it listed on the web site in the Soaps for  Pre-Order page along with the more recent batches of Peppermint Silk, Honeybee Silk, and the Apple Spice Silk soaps.  Lots was done to the site today, for sure!  We have many different scents listed with the wax tarts now and more getting made every day, so visit often to see what’s been added today.  It’s been lots of fun adding in new things to our selection of products because it give me a chance to try out new skills as well as find new fragrances that are just so spectacular that words alone do NOT do them justice.  Many of us in the soapy crowd are frequently wishing that there was a way to smell the things listed in various sites including the ones we order our supplies from – really, they more than others ought to have that technology installed somehow so we can tell whether it’s one we and our customers will love instantly.  It’s hard to determine what the shopping public will like and it varies from one season to the next, though there are some constants that remain over the years.  Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey is one of those that remains popular year after year with many soap crafters who sell to the public through markets, fairs, shows, events, in a brick& mortar of their own, or solely online.  It’s been going strong year after year and hasn’t yet been overthrown as a sure fire winner.  I initially was reluctant to try it as the sounds of it was not something that  really appealed to me personally, but I decided to go out on a limb and try one from a fragrance supplier I trust, Cindy Gooding and her online supply of soapmaking fragrance oils offered one that many have raved over for a while, so I gave it a shot and it’s a really soothing, scent – one of comfort, simplicity, a mellow softness in sweetness that is unique to honey, warm honey.  It reminds me of cold winter mornings, waking up, hair’s in a mess, footy pajamas barely keeping my feet warm, sleep still blurring my eyes, but that smell, one of cream, sugar, milk, and oatmeal is floating through the air, making me hover in the kitchen doorway hoping it’s not just a dream, while the snow flies outside and the fireplace merrily crackles nearby.  It’s a comfort scent for sure, one filled to overflowing with memories, all of them good.  If you want a winner, this is it.  Oatmeal, Milk & Honey from  You won’t regret it!

Also changed on the site was a rearrangement of the pages to accommodate the new page of the earrings, or as it’s listed in the site – Gifts and More.  With all these new additions and the many new categories, I’m thinking I might have to find a theme that has more tabs to it as mine seems to be running out!  I still have much to do like get pics of the smocked nightgowns to upload and add those into the Gifts page, but the earrings are all there.  Unfortunately, there was no time today to make any more pairs, which I would have loved to do, but at least it allowed time for the updating of the site.  Hope you’ll take a minute to pop in and browse around.  It’s coming close to the right time for Christmas shopping if you haven’t already started, so look around and see if that little something unique you’d like to get for someone is found on one of our pages.  Hope so!

Champagne Pear (800x600)

Champagne Pear Wax Tart

Apples and Spice Wax Tarts

Blush Fig WaxTart
Blush Fig WaxTart

Flower Child Wax Tart

Flower Child Wax Tart

Fresh Air Wax Tart
Fresh Air Wax Tart

Raspberry Vanilla Trifle Wax Tart

Raspberry Vanilla Trifle Wax Tart

Warm Teakwood

Warm Teakwood


Honeybee Silk Soap

Honeybee Silk Soap

Fragranced with Oatmeal, Milk & Honey fragrance oil, built around 5 oils & other rich emollients, enhanced with colloidal oatmeal,  coconut milk, goat’s milk, buttermilk,  and interwoven with a touch of luxury from a generous helping of Tussah silk.

Since the fragrance is Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, the honeybees were something to play on that note in the fragrance just a bit, bringing it to mind instead of the oatmeal.  The oatmeal note is most often the thing that’s emphasized in this particular fragrance, but leave it to me to want to be different.  So I went with the honey instead.  There are two other colours in this batch as you can see from the image below.  The base is white, but there’s also a bit of what looks like orange ( but the colour I added was Lemon Drop mica!) and a bit of green.  The green is supposed to bring to mind the stems of the little flower buds the bees are hovering around in, seeking out the pollen to take back to their hive to create the yummy honey we humans love to steal.  Winnie the Pooh isn’t the only one who loves to sneak away with the honey!

Olive, Almond & Avocado oils, great for older or dry skin, are included in higher amounts than the others, but there is some coconut to give plenty of bubbles, and those bubbles will get a boost from the coconut milk that’s adding in a bit of its natural sugars.  The fat in the coconut milk adds in creaminess that translates to a rich, creamy  lather while the silk gives just enough of a rich, silky feel, coupled with the clay to cleanse to leave you feeling soft, clean, and silky.

I love the scent – it has a touch of nostalgia for me – like something from a long lost memory tickling the edges of my mind.  A happy memory that brought smiles when it was new.

This will create possibly about 16 bars, and all will be ready around November 18th.  These will be listed on the web site after they’ve been cut and begun to cure, so look for them on the web site in a few days.  🙂





It firmed up very quickly, almost too firm for my poor cutter, but it was done, no broken strings.  The flowers that appear orange in the wet picture above, meant to be yellow, cured out to their intended colour – yellow, so that was a relief to see today,  Here’s the Honeybee cut views:


Honeybee cut view 3 (1024x768)

Peppermint Candy!

Peppermint Candy Milk Soap

Peppermint Candy Milk Soap


This soaps creates a fragrance like the inside of a candy shoppe in your room – out of this world kind of yummy!  It’s a peppermint, yes, but there’s a little bit of something extra, a hint of vanilla and a swirling glide of sugary sweetness.  Oh so tasty smelling!  This fragrance oil, from, is called Peppermint Meringue with good reason.  That meringue touch is subtle but definitely there to sweeten, make it smoother, not so sharp, like some mint FOs can be.  It was a genuine dream to cp soap with, since there was no evidence of any ricing, no seizing, no acceleration, and no discolouration.  Just sweet peppermint scent!  Yummy.

This sinfully deliciously scented soap is crafted with coconut milk, Tussah silk (cruelty-free, of course), colloidal oatmeal, goat’s milk, buttermilk, a dash of Kaolin White Clay and Moroccan Red Clay, and a host of fabulous oils like Rice Bran, Apricot Kernel, Almond, and Olive, and a generous portion of creamy Shea Butter for the ultimate softening experience.

This is also my first time making soaps in a slab mold, which was improvised.  Currently I don’t own a constructed slab mold, but when has such a shortage ever stop a soaper from making a batch before in a slab sort of mold?  Here’s where Costco box-hoarding tendency comes in handy!  I snagged a box in the rough dimensions of what size was needed to craft about 15 bars or more, depending on how they’re cut.  So, we’ll see how this goes when the time comes to cut them up.  It held up beautifully in the pouring and swirling, never gelled (thank goodness!) because I prefer it never gel.  I haven’t decided on how these will be cut just yet.  They might be slightly smaller than the loaf bars are typically, but however they are cut, it will be fun to see how the swirls held up.  I also used a gadget that was improvised with Gorilla Tape and bamboo skewers.  Like an oversized comb, sort of.  That was used to swirl it quickly and uniformly, then a single skewer was used to swirl small areas that were missed along edges and in corners.

The batch should be ready to cut sometime tomorrow, so another picture will be posted at the time of the cut.  The ready date for this batch is November 17th.  The number of bars will not be known until after it’s cut.

Diversification – it’s a good thing!

I don’t know how well this will go over, but I’m setting up for a bit of a new branch of Neecy’s.  Just hope it doesn’t fall out from under me.  Over the past few weeks, stock has been accumulating for a new line of items to be available shortly in Neecy’s web site – jewelry, mainly earrings at first, then if it takes off, I’ll add in necklaces.  But starting slow works best. I’ve already made three pairs of earrings and hope to add in more as time allows between soap batches, body butter production, and Christmas.  Hope you like!    😀

Fresh Water Pearl & Hearts Earrings (800x600)

Fresh Water Pearl & Celtic Hearts

Pearl Dangles (800x600)

Pearl Dangle Earrings

Feather Earrings (800x600)

Feather & Pearl Earrings