Champagne Pear

This one took a while to finally get it into a mold!  Mainly due to the wait involved with getting just the right fragrance, then just the right glitter, and topping it off with the cooked down champagne.  So this one was probably in the planning stages for weeks longer than most of the other previous batches.  There were a few new things in here that I had to wait on to arrive.  Champagne Glitter from Aroma Haven/Rustic Escentuals, the fragrance Orchard Pear from, and a nice chunk of time uninterrupted by outside influences.  Easier said than done for most of us!  I have to admit, I was really impressed with the selection of glitters available from AHRE and the speed of shipment was outstanding.  Just two business days, and it was on my porch!  Almost like instant gratification.

This batch was chosen to have champagne in it since I don’t drink it anymore.  It tends to make me quite sick, so other beverages are for the enjoyment of it, but without all the other nasty feelings this one can cause.  I hated to watch good pink champagne go to waste, so I cooked down the bottle’s contents, cooled it and stored it away for a future soapy day, alongside a bottle of hard apple cider and red wine treated in similar fashion.  Since the planets aligned perfectly for a soap making day, it was decided to do it today.  Windows were opened wide, the sunshine streaming in, the warm air blowing through, it was a fantastic day to get creative!

So, without further ado, here’s the Champagne Pear in the mold (now in the fridge) –

Champagne Pear 2 (600x800)


Champagne Pear 1 (600x800)



























It was a dark red from the champagne mixed with the lye, but turned a warm brick red once it was added to the oils.  I probably should have lightened up the entire batch with some TD first then added my colours, but I didn’t, but that was noted for changing in future batches with booze that darkens.  The red was nice enough to just be enhanced a bit with some Red Shimmering Clay from The Conservatorie, but the Peach Sunset was too deep, so it had some of the TD added to make it almost a flesh tone.  The green was a deep shade of reddish green, but mellowed out pretty nicely, once fully blended.  The fragrance oil doesn’t accelerate or discolour at all, nor does it rice or even speed trace.  The only thing that sped up trace was the amount of sugars in the champagne, but nothing that wasn’t manageable.  It got a little rushed and a bit messy, but nothing major.  Since it thickened up as much as it did, the drop swirl was out the window, and it went to the spoon swirl.

The soap itself contains 3 oils – my usual faves, colloidal oatmeal & coconut milk of course as all my batches contain, part water, part champagne,  buttermilk, goat’s milk, and Tussah Silk.  Oh my yum!  This one will be fabulous for the skin!  This fragrance would also be nice in a tart melt, too, I think, so that’s the next project once I have a bit more time.  Keep a watch for those to appear very soon.

If you don’t like florals, this fragrance will be a very nice addition to your list of soap choices, and with the glitter, red, & green colours, it’s also a bit Christmasy looking too, so it will make a very nice stocking stuffer!  Check the web site in a few days for details on when and how to order Champagne Pear.


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