Apples & Spice

I’d decided to check out a different supplier for FOs, Rustic Escentuals/Aroma Haven so see what the fuss was about, and have to say I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to try them out.  Since they’re located in SC, my southern neighbor, the shipping time was very quick, just two days after the order was placed, and they arrived in mint condition.  Their prices are easy on the budget, too!

I wanted to add tart melts to my product line, so I ordered para-Soy blend wax, and tried out one of the fragrances, Apple Jack & Peel, in 6 tarts to see what it would smell like in a tart and it smells soooo good, like apple tarts, sweet, sugary, apple tarts!  It got me on a tear, so I mixed up three more fragrances in tarts – Black Raspberry Vanilla, Black Mission Fig, and Hippie Chick, which was another oil from AHRE.  Hippie Chick carries strong notes of sandalwood and patchouli, but it’s a very nice scent, not too strong overall in any one thing, so that will be a nice add to the line.  I didn’t colour any of the tarts.  Didn’t really see a reason to colour them, since they’re only used to fragrance a room, and usually without being seen.  If it was a centerpiece thing, maybe I’d have use colour and glitter or something to spice it up a bit, but really didn’t feel it was worth doing at this point.  Maybe later if demand is there.  But we’ll see how these work in the site and if all goes well, I’ll keep them in the lineup.

I also wanted to try some of their glitter, so I got samples of several of their shimmer dust glitter – Celestial Sun (a gold glitter), Champagne Glitter, which is champagne colour and was used on the top of the Champagne Pear, Copper Canyon (looks like shiny pennies!),  Emerald Green, which will be lovely on spring soaps, and White Opal, which I’d like to try out on an all-white bar later this fall/winter season.

The fragrances weren’t limited to just the Apple Jack & Peel, and the Hippie Chick.  I also wanted to try out two ocean-y ones and oh am I glad I got them!  Salty Sea Air is fresh, oceany and spa-like in fragrance.  Florals, with a splash of salty oceanic notes. Light, fresh, clean, and soft summer notes that will be nice addition to the upcoming spring/summer line.  Also included in this batch of FOs, Ocean Breeze was picked up, with a very sophisticated layering of sunshine, watery notes, florals, and sand.  Can’t wait for spring so these can be made up and fragrance the house!  Bliss!

So back to the soap of the day – Apples & Spice.  I shouldn’t have done this one with cocoa butter (smh) but I did, so lesson learned as that was part of the problem with it setting up so quickly.  But it was crafted for winter-time skin and all its issues, so I wanted lots of softening, smoothing, soothing ingredients, and along with the colloidal oatmeal, the wheat germ oil, and the castor oil, the cocoa butter was just screaming to be included.  If I wanted to do this recipe again, making it pretty, that will have to be altered, but meantime, this one’s in the books as done.  I looooove how this one fragrances the entire house with the scent of spicy apples!  So fall-like.  And it’ll feel really good on the skin and have loads of bubbles thanks in huge part to the hard apple cider that was used (after the alcohol was cooked out, of course, but not the sugars), the coconut oil, coconut milk, and packed with emollient-rich castor oil, almond oil,  olive oil, and the problem child, the cocoa butter.

It was a bit reddish pink once the cider was added to the cooled lye & water mix.  I reduced the water amount to allow for the cider, and knowing what these alternative liquids can do when mixed with lye, I mixed it about half & half.    Still, I tried to offset that discolouration with some TD, but it’s still not a white bar of soap, but honestly it shouldn’t be since it’s Apples.  And spice.  But given that it started to set up very quickly with the cocoa butter, there was no time to do any kind of swirling or anything with the three colours, so it’s what we affectionately can call a Blop Swirl.  Not too sexy, but well, we can’t all be princesses.  I’d highly recommend trying this fragrance and AHRE if you haven’t already!  It’s  a great site with plenty of selection in the FOs and the prices are very easy to manage.  As mentioned earlier, they are on the east coast, South Carolina, so if you’re also on this side of the continent, your shipping time will be quick as well.

Here’s the soap in the mold and then cut as of this morning (it was too hard for the cutter, so it was sliced with a knife) –


Apples & Spice in the mold
Apples & Spice in the mold
Apples & Spice Cider Soap cut
Apples & Spice Cider Soap cut
Apples & Spice Cider Soap samples - 6, approx 1.1 -1.5 oz each.
Apples & Spice Cider Soap samples – 6, approx 1.1 -1.5 oz each.



2 Replies to “Apples & Spice”

  1. For a long time i was just dreamily reading through the descriptions of the large selection of f.o.s that AHRE carry. I was really itching to buy, but sadly, they neither accept paypal nor credit cards with a foreign billing address, even if shipping is to my sister in the U.S. All I got was a curt reply without offering other options or even the hope that they might start accepting paypal in the future.

    Your apple and spice looks pretty with the soft colors and your samples are just so cute! Can’t wait to see your soaps with your new fragrances. They sound really good!


    1. What about having your sister order them and you pay her back and have them shipped to you from her house? This Apple Jack & Peel is one you really should try to get your hands on. It’s amazing! Love the scent it throws out into a room even if it’s just from fans blowing across bars that are drying!


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